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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I have attempted too many patterns in my Nikon S800C Android camera. It is asking me for my Gmail and password. I don't know any Gmail or password. What shall I do now?

I have tried many Gmail and passwords but I am not getting the right one. Please help me to solve this problem.


You can try to recover your Google account information at this site. If that doesn't work, you will unfortunately need to perform a Factory Reset. While this will wipe all the data from the camera, it's the only way you can get past the pattern lock screen at this point. To learn how to properly perform a Factory Reset, follow the steps in this great VisiHow article.

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I can not recover my phone. I will be very happy if you can help me?

A technician told me to press the volume + button plus the boot button simultaneously and a logo will appear followed by some words. He said I should select the option reset and the phone shall reset, when I did that, I see the logo but no menu. I tried it several times and each time I could not see the menu. Please can you help me?

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You did not mention what device you are trying this on but here are a few options to try once you the logo:

  • When the logo appears, press the Volume and Power buttons quickly a second time. You can try to press both or just the + or -.
  • Press Power.
  • Press Home.


I can't get my phone unlocked can you please help me?

I don't remember my pin-code on my phone and I don't remember my Google account info trying to unlock my phone without data reset


The only way to not lose data would be to go to Google Account Authority and recover your Google Account details.

I have Huawei phone, it is locked by too many times pattern attempts and I forgot my Gmail account. How can I unlock it? There are many ways to recover your Google Account with Google Accounts Authority. Follow the steps on the VisiHow article linked to this page.

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Hi, my old phone had been blocked because of the wrong pattern problem. So, I bought a new phone because I had give up to try to make the phone free from the wrong pattern but I failed. Now, my sister want to use that phone. How can I do that when I had give up?

Please help me. I really want to open that phone because my old memory is in that phone .

Try to access with your Google Account. It is not the end of the world if you have to hard reset because you want to give this phone to your sister.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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Too many patterns attempted, how do I find data reset factory, my phone is not responding through the steps you are showing?

How do I find reset data factory on Android devices

It is hard to give instructions if the poster does not mention what device they are trying to hard reset. All Androids have different ways of hard reset methods. Attempt using combinations with the Volume and Power buttons. Search YouTube for hard reset (your device name) and you should be able to see a video tutorial if you get stuck.

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Please help retrieve my pictures from password locked phone?

Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which is locked. I usually just use the fingerprint lock. But one morning, when I opened my phone, I just saw that the phone is asking for the backup password! And the most unfortunate thing is, I have completely forgotten my password OR the phone doesn't want to accept my correct password. I am completely locked out. All I desperately need to do is RETRIEVE some pictures so I could hard reset. I just really need the photos. The phone is not connected to the internet, so I cannot unlock it via Android Device Manager. My phone has no backup. My phone is not rooted. Would you please teach me what to do? I need to fix this by tonight because I urgently need to use the phone midnight. Thank you so much in advance!

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See if Samsung's Find My Mobile will unlock your device. If your device is still locked then pull the battery to soft reset and wipe the screen with rubbing alcohol to attempt again to access with your fingerprint. Finally, use Kies to transfer your pictures if you do have to hard reset.

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Hi sir good morning, how to reset my Android phone with Windows, which software is better?

I have Micromax bolt a62 Android mobile and I forgot phone pattern lock, what can I do for this problem to be solved

You can still recover your phone using Google Accounts Recovery. To hard reset your Micromax Bolt a62 follow this Youtube Tutorial. A hard reset is done manually with no software. If you mean that you want to install new firmware then you would use Micromax Stock ROM.

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Finger scanner problem. Backup password not responding?

I've either forgotten the alternate password or it's not working for some reason. Is there any way I can unlock my Android phone from the web via a PC and Google account?

Your Google Account will let you access the phone. You may have to make several attempts before you get the prompt but keep trying.

Can you help me get my iRULU to open with a lost password?

Once my iRULU powers up, the password must be entered to open, but one of my grandchildren changed it and can't recall the password. I am unable to get past the screen that says "Connecting To My World". I've tried the Factory Reset, but nothing.

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How to unlock my irulu Tablet having a pattern issues is a VisiHow page with instructions on how to properly factory reset your tablet. You should still be able to unlock the tablet with your Google Account. Perhaps you have not made enough attempts to see that option appear yet.

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How to solve restriction on failed login attempt?

What should I do to setup the device?

Flash new firmware on the device once you have hard reset if you are still being asked for the email.

I have locked the pattern on my Lenovo K900 hundred. It asks me to put my ID and password, I do, though being correct it does not accept as well?

I am putting the correct ID and password, and it is not accepting, showing as invalid ID and password

Log into your Google Account on the PC. Go into your Settings under My Account and then Security to make sure that you do not have 2 step verification enabled. If this is not the problem the use Google Accounts Authority to see what you are doing wrong when trying to sign in.

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I use a pattern to get in my phone. I woke up this morning and it asked for a password. I have no idea what it is. I used to use fingerprint and had a 4 digit number backup but it doesn't work either?

I went to dashboard and locked it and put in new password but it doesn't work either

When you created the new password in Google's Dashboard, you may have suspended access to your device for 72 hours. To get around this you will have to flash new firmware on the device.

I uninstalled system dialler on my Android phone and upon switching it off on opening it asked about security password through speech please help?

My phone is itel..it can not boot to recovery

You can see on this page of VisiHow QNA How do I reset my itel it1351e without a Gmail account how to properly hard reset an itel. There are a few extra steps to do so.

The TalkBack option of my phone was accidentally activated by my sister. Now it keeps talking back every time when I navigate my phone, now my phone has been locked by a pattern password, I cannot perform any sliding options to unlock my phone because it keeps on talking back. I cannot unlock my phone, please help me.


TalkBack option of my phone was accidentally activated by my sister. Now it keeps talking back every time when I navigate my phone, now my phone has been locked by a pattern password, I cannot perform any sliding options to unlock my phone because it keeps on talking back. I cannot unlock my phone, please help me

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Use two fingers to double tap and not just one to scroll or use the touchscreen to enter your password and access Settings. In the upper right hand corner of this page you can search TalkBalk and find the instructions specific to your device.

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My LG phone asks for a password Password and for it to be changed I have to us the SIM card it came with as it was shipped to Kenya where I leave?

Hi. I bought an LG phone from America but when I want to have my kenyan safaricom SIM card in use (since I currently live in kenya) it asks for a password and in order to change it it says I should have used the American SIM card for 12months but am not a resident in that country..I only live in kenya........please help. So as to use my kenyan safaricom SIM card in a new shipped LG phone from America I have to change password in that it says I should have use the SIM card brought in with for 12 months yet my country uses +254.............

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