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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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Which games support multiplayer? How to play multiplayer with a PC and a PSP?

Please answer the question on top.


There are some games that can be played through multiplayer like fighting games i.e. are Tekken but to be able to play multi-player against your friend using a PSP and a PPSSPP emulator for a computer you will need to first configure both your PSP and your computer, and an Ad hoc network in which will enable the two of you to connect to the same game and play together.

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You can try to go to their official site to learn more about setting-up an Ad hoc server for your games, thus it is quite complicated.

go here : http://forums.ppsspp.org/showthread.php?tid=8349

That depends to the game that you have downloaded. There are some games that has no multiplayer feature that you can only play for offline, one good example of a game that has multiplayer support is Tekken 6. You can find if the game has multiplayer support in the main menu of it and Multiplayer should be in the list.

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In order for you to play multiplayer, you must enable networking or WLAN. Simply Launch the emulator then go to Settings then click on the system then scroll down and check the box for WLAN or Enable Networking.

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How to play a game without any frameskipping?

I'm playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep but it keeps frameskipping, how can I play the entire game without any frame-skipping interference?


Actually the default settings of the PPSSPP is to optimize the game-play, thus sometimes in games the frame-skipping is enable for fast loading and max performance. To disable it you can try to see the screenshot I took for you to follow and try and test it if this solve your issue.

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see screenshot below.


How to fix error report on PC for PPSSPP please help I am stuck?

When I open PPSSPP the box shows up of send error report please help


Are you by chance using the latest version of the PPSSPP emulator? A new version, 0.9.8 is out and you can download it directly from PPSSPP site here:


I would suggest uninstalling the version you have now and install the latest version. You'll also need to install Microsoft's Visual C++ run time files, which you can get here:


I actually don't have any problem, all I am looking for is action games for PC just some awesome games like fps games?

Action games like fps games to play on PPSSPP

Here you go (please note that some titles may have age restriction; so, if you are buying a present for someone, take that in account):

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After you buy these games, you can use the PPSSPP FAQ Web page showing you how to convert those legally to your emulator.

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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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