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Open Ports on a Netgear Router(TCP/UDP)

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I have an internet station where people log in to voice track shows, so the port I need to reopen just won't reopen.. Why?

I need an open port on my Netgear router.. it reset and now I can't get it to open up again. internet station and people log into it shows. So what could be keeping it closed? I checked antivirus, then I checked firewall to allow the program to function, it still won't work..

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You need to configure a Static IP on your router for it to remain open at all times. Since you need this to remain open all the time for internet traffic, consider installing Simple Port Forwarding to help keep the port open.

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How do I open port 3074, this is the port call of duty black ops 3 tries to use on my ps4 how do I open it?

How do I open port 3074 for ps4 to play call of duty black ops 3 so I won't have lag. I have tried: Really haven't, all I have done is give my ps4 a static address. I think it was caused by: Lack of tech knowledge

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In addition to opening port 3074, open port 3075. On some NetGear routers, the port does not open unless you open 3075 as well. Adjust the firewall settings and begin the process.

I need to open a port so my calendar server can be accessed by computers in our office in another city?

I need to open port 4000 so my calendar server can be accessed by computers in our office in another city. I have tried: Gone to your website


The VisiHow article on this page explains in detail the steps you need to take to open your ports for your calendar server. You will need to also configure the firewalls for the other office location to access remotely.

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Yes please, help me about my router if you can help me I will be very thankful?

I want to play company of heroes with game ranger, and the error is not symmetric

This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to install GameRanger and set the program up for Company of Heroes. Port Forwarding is explained in the VisiHow article on this page. You can also watch one of the several videos posted about opening a port or troubleshooting port issues.

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Open Ports on a Netgear Router(TCP/UDP)
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Help with port forwarding to open ports for Xbox ONE?

ADDING ports to be forwarded so my Xbox one will open and stop disconnecting certain players..... Netgear Genie pre populates most of the IP address and just wants that last box of digits. It is different than the one my Xbox one shows as it's IPv4 address and when I try to add THAT one it rejects it. So as I was reading on the internet it seems like I am to create a 'reserve' address and so that is what I did. Just made up the last three digits after that last period. is this right?

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