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Connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or 3 (tab 10.1, Tab 8.9, Tab 7.7, Tab 7.0 Plus) to your TV

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Hisense Smart TV connected to other devices?

How can I use my Hisense TV to connect to Lenovo Tab2 and Samsung S5 mini?


  • Enable WiFi on the Hisense TV and your other devices. Make sure they are all using the same network for WiFi. For instance, I have Guest, downstairs and office selections for WiFi in my house and you would want all devices connected to downstairs WiFi for example.
  • Go to settings and select your Screen Mirroring tab
  • Wait until you see the screen that says WiFi Display Enabled
  • From your Lenovo Tab2 and Samsung S5 mini, go to settings and then connect devices to connect to your Hisense Smart TV.
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I can't locate the AllShare play app on my Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet or my Samsung Smart TV. Both devices are on the same WiFi?

I have just explained the problem. I can't find the app on the tablet or the TV.


Restart both the Tab 4 and Samsung TV and disconnect and reconnect the WiFi on both devices. Make sure again that they are on the same WiFi. My Samsung TV lost the AllShare app for no reason, and I had to install the app all over again and then my devices were able to work.

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I am looking to learn how to do a mirroring from a Samsung 4 to Hisense smart TV?

I have Samsung 4 and a Hisense smart TV, I want to mirror my Showbox. I already bought the wire HDMI to MHL, what should I do


Follow the steps in this VisiHow article to use screen mirroring with you Hisense TV and Samsung 4.

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How do I mirror my Windows 10 computer to Hisense TV?

I am trying to connect my TV and PC when it tries to connect to the PC it says it fails because I am not under screen mirroring input. I have tried: Everything. I think it was caused by: I can't find the screen mirroring input

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Rizisuper has a great youtube tutorial on mirroring Windows 10 to a Smart TV.

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Connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or 3 (tab 10.1, Tab 8.9, Tab 7.7, Tab 7.0 Plus) to your TV
More questions and answers

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I just bought my first smart TV and I don't know how to activate display mirroring?

I have a Hisense Smart TV model number 55H7B. I have tried: I have looked at the setting and don't understand where to look

Settings then Networks and within Networks, you will see Anyview Cast. Anyview is your screen mirroring option with Hisense TV 55H7B.

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