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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I have a customers RCA 7" tab and It needs to be flashed?

I have a customers RCA 7" tab and It needs to be flashed


By flashed, do you mean the Tablet is locked with a password or pattern and you need to flash a firmware or Hard Reset it to original factory settings? If this is the case, then you can easily Hard Reset the Tablet by accessing its recovery mode menu during bootup.

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With the Tablet powered off, press and hold volume up with the power button until you see the RCA dog logo appear. After a few seconds, release the volume up button and you should come across the Android with the red exclamation triangle. Now, with the power button held down, press volume up once and the recovery menu should appear. From here, select wipe data/Factory Reset and then reboot when finished.

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You can check the complete steps here:

RCA Tablets Hard Reset.

How do I unlock my own phone when it has locked me out and won't connect to a WiFi provider or mobile network because I have it turned off?

I entered the pattern incorrectly too many times and still can't remember what it was. So now my phone wants me to unlock it using my Google account. I'm at the library trying to do that but my WiFi is off and it won't sign me in. It keeps telling me its an invalid username or password, although it is the same account I'm in now on the computer at the library. I'm panicking as I'm waiting on a call from my 85 year old mother who is suppose to let me know what day and time her flight will arrive in Vancouver from Edmonton to visit me for a couple of weeks and I've already been mucking with it for the last 2 days now. Please help?

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Hard reset the phone. Once it boots back up you will be able to assign your WiFi connection again. Unfortunately, you will lose all data but will be able to receive the call from your grandmother. Before you hard reset, try calling your phone and seeing if you can answer the call and get into settings at the same time to enable the WiFi. This may work depending on the type of phone that you have.

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If you have a marshmallow or Lollipop operating system on your Android phone you will have to flash new Stock ROM after you hard reset because it will still request the pin password. If you have no clue how to flash new firmware then you can bring your phone to any cell repair shop or person found on Kijiji that can repair phones and they can have the Stock ROM on your phone in under 20 minutes.

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If you have a Samsung you can use the SideSync method shown in this Youtube Tutorial.

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I have purchased a Tablet from my friend and it is locked. I do not have any information to open it?

It needs user name and password which I do not have.


You will have to hard reset the tablet if your friend can't help you access it using Google Accounts Recovery. You should still contact your friend and try this first before you hard reset the tablet. But since you got this from your friend a hard reset would not matter because you do not care about any of the data on the tablet. Once you hard reset you can assign your own personal Google Account in case this happens again in the future.

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Locked no data connection for reseting pin?

Mcafee mobile security locked. not able to reset since no data connection

You can login to {https://www.mcafeemobilesecurity.com/ McAffee Mobile Security] from a PC or other device and reset the pin and also send a command to unlock the pin.

If you do not have data, you can request they send a new pin to the email associated with the account and you can then use that pin to unlock the phone. 

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I found a Samsung Galaxy phone and I want to unlock it to find out who's the owner, but I don't want to reset it?

Its a white Samsung phone and Android

Since the phone is locked and is not yours, bring it to your local police station or the closest business to where you found the phone. Wait a bit and see if someone tries to call the phone because you would be able to answer the call and let them know that you found the phone and wish to return it. They also could have enabled the wipe remotely function from Google Device Managers or be trying to ping a location.

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Is there a way to activate USB Debugging if I have been locked out of phone through a forgotten PIN?

Brand new phone (HTC 1 M8). Forgot PIN. Did not register to Gmail. I didn't enable USB debugging through phone settings and now I cannot access the features of the phone. Can I enable USB debugging through some other means? I will try anything. I have tried flashing a file manager called Aroma through an SD card but in recovery there is an option that says "apply from SD" or something similar to that and all it does is boot up the phone normally when I select it. so cannot flash a .zip.

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If the flash tool is not working then remove your battery and re insert and try again. Use storage mount if the SD mode is not working still. Install Wondershare's ADB drivers if you are still experiencing issues and if all else fails since this is a new phone, return it.

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I have a cell phone which is locked and I don't have the code to open the phone. It is a metro pcs phone kyocero?

Purchased phone this weekend taking a chance I could open it. She said it belonged to her son and she did not know about any code required. I have what is affectionately called an Obama phone. I just want to swap out SIM cards. I know how to do all that but I can't do it if I can't get by the screen lock

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You have to hard reset the phone. Then if the phone still asks for a pin, you will have to flash new Stock ROM on the device. Before you swap out the SIM cards, try to disable the SIM lock. If you are purchasing your SIM card from your cellular service provider, one of the techs in the store may be able to help you.

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I am unable to open my phone, it is locked and I remember my pattern but keyboard option is not coming?

In my device, keyboard option is not coming

Perform a soft reset by removing the battery for 30 seconds. This may resolve your issue. Go into Play from a PC and try to remote install a keyboard although most pins use the stock keyboard of your device brand. If these do not work then you will have to hard reset your device and possibly flash new Stock ROM to get the keyboard back. You may have deleted it by accident but hopefully, you can get into your device. A trick that sometimes works is to get into Recovery Mode and clear the cache instead of choosing Factory Reset/Wipe Data.

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I am trying to return a locked phone to the owner?

I have found an HTC one from sprint and would like to return it to the owner, but the phone is locked via a password. Is there a way I can unlock the phone without a Factory Reset?

No, you would have to do a hard reset and even then it could still ask for a pin. Bring the phone to one of the local Sprint stores and see if they can track down who owns the phone based on if the device is registered or not. In the meantime you can wait and see if the phone rings and then answer the call.

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I have no internet where I am currently using a dongle but I have a lot of pictures on my phone, what can I do?

I have no internet where I am currently using a dongle but I have a lot of pictures on my phone, what can I do

You may be able to transfer the photos to the PC but you do not state what your device model is so I can't tell you which backup mode to use.

Not able to access settings and erase data as settings is locked too?

I am not able to reset my password nor my settings as these are locked by applocker. I am not able to erase data, not even have access to settings. I have no mobile data and I am using ASUS fonepad please help me. I have tried: I have not tried anything. I think it was caused by: I set my password and forgot it as I am using it after 1 month

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You can still do a hard reset and Asus Support has a step by step guide on how to do so. Hopefully, the hard reset bypasses the applocker. If it does not there is a way to access and bypass the applocker using Regsvr32 but it is very technical.

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I got locked out of my phone after exchanging the SIM in my phone with my friends. How do I access my phone?

I exchanged my SIM with my friends and the moment I turned my phone after that it was locked with a pin code, I've tried my SIM pin my friend's pin and multiple other suggestions I found on the net but nothing worked. I have tried: I tried all the possibilities for the pin code 9999, 1111, 0000, the last four digits of the phone IMEI number and the first and last four digits of my phone number. I think it was caused by: Putting my friends SIM in my phone after which my phone has been locked with a pin code

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First off are you both on the same network that runs on GSM or CDMA. Second, is the SIM card active that you are trying to switch out? The SIM pins only work with that specific SIM card and you would have to disable the SIM lock before switching on both devices that are registered to work on the same networks CDMA for example and both SIM cards would have to be activated already. If the phones are on different networks then rooting is also required.

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I took out my battery to reset my RCA tablet but it didn't reset it, what else I need to do?

Can you help please, my daughter is having a fit and I don't know what else to do. I have tried: Everything I could do but nothing worked. I think it was caused by: Too much downloaded on it

In the top answer there is a link on how to hard reset the RCA tablet. There is also a little tiny hole for you to use a paperclip or pin and press down and hold to hard reset the RCA tablet. Hard resetting will wipe out all the apps that have been downloaded.

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I was setting up device manager and locked up my phone, that was around 3 days ago?

I was setting up device manager; located my phone and locked it. I was thinking the practice was like an example you know teaching moment. So for 3 days I've tried to follow instructions from online but I don't really understand the concept. My last attempt was using Chromebook and going through "OK Google" but that failed also, please help me!!. I have tried: Several instructions from guys online--Google folks, but I didn't really understand. I think it was caused by: I locked it in device manager thinking I was just being shown how to do it, Have yet to find a way out

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You were put in a 72 hour hold. The Google people should have told you that and maybe they did and you misunderstood. After three days if you still can't access your device you will have to hard reset the device and flack new Stock ROM.

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