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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I forgot the password in my Samsung tab?

Sir, I attempt the more time password in my Samsung tab and my tab can't open, so please tell me how can I open my account in tab


If you have forgotten your Samsung Galaxy Tab's screen lock password, please do the following to remove the lock.

Note: All of your data will be lost.

  • Power off your Tablet.
  • Press and hold volume up button,home button and power button simultaneously until Samsung logo appears.
  • Wait for the Android system recovery to appear.
  • Select "wipe data/Factory Reset" with your volume key, then press power button to confirm.
  • Select "yes".
  • Wait until wipe is complete, then select "reboot system now"
  • That's it! After that, your Tablet will boot normally without the lock.

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I have forgotten my Android device password?

I don't want to loose any data


Is this the password to get by the lock screen? If it is, then try a few more times and see if the Tablet will prompt you to enter your Google account info. If it does not, and you have a Google account linked to the Tablet, I suggest you pay for an unlock app. Log in to the play store website using the same Google account on your Tablet. Search for and install Screen Lock Bypass Pro here:

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When you turn or or charge your Tablet, the app should have installed over the air (if WiFi was turned on). Follow the instructions to bypass the lock screen.

There is no forgot password on my phone after few attempts to unlock?


Not all Android phone has the option to enter your email address if you forgot the password or pattern you set on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the only way that you can open the phone home screen is to reset the phone to factory default. Resetting the phone would mean to delete all data on phone internal storage. However, data in the SD card will not be affected as you are only resetting the phone back to factory settings. If you made a backup to your personal computer recently, then you can restore it back on phone. But if not, then you need to start from scratch to have them back.

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There will not be a password forgot option on your device but there will be an option to gain entry into your device by entering your Gmail account information associated with the device. Once you have entered your Gmail information you will gain access to the device and then be able to change your password.

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How do I reset my password on my Android Tablet since I can't remember my password to unlock my screen?

How do I reset my Android table?

When asked for the email and password, provide the Gmail email and password you used to connect your Google Play Store with. You will also need to be connected via WiFi or data connection. If not, the only option left to do is by doing a Hard Reset. Do the following to restore your Tablet to factory settings:

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  • turn off the phone
  • press and hold the following:

power button

volume up/down or both

or you can look for a reset button or hole

  • wait until you see the logo
  • choose recovery mode
  • choose wipe data/Factory Reset
  • choose yes--delete user data
  • phone will reboot or will ask you to reboot

You can also watch this how-to video:


If all else fails, you will need to send your Tablet to its service center so they can reflash the system for you.

NOTE: This will delete all apps and data on your Tablet

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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I've forgotten my pattern to unlock my iRola752 Tablet?

I have tried connecting the Tablet to my computer but it cannot find the device

Yes, this is because you do not have the debugging option on your device. You are going to need to press the Factory Reset buttons on your device so that you will be able to reset the device. Turn device off>>press and hold the power button + volume up key>>this will take you to the boot menu.

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How to open Samsung T700 Galaxy Tablet?

Tablet automatically updated and now requires a password to open. I never had to use a password before, and the one I think I originally entered is not correct. I have tried to get to factory settings by powering off, then holding the power on button and the up volume button simultaneously until the Samsung logo and the powered by Android appear, but the Factory Reset Dropdown never appears.

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How can I unlock my Samsung Galaxy tab4, because it's stuck in a system protection?

Locked my tab4 w/Android device manager. Unable to unlock it now.. already tried the hard reset but it is still asking for a Google password, a couple of times it accepted the password, then said "progress failed" and took me back to the beginning. Please advise.. Thank you Sir. And have a great day

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How can I flash my tab 720 by from digit?

I forgot the unlock pattern to my tab 720 how do I flash it?

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I have face recognition and it doesn't always work, to change it, it asks for my backup password, which I don't know. How can I change this? I don't want a password at all anymore?

I forgot my pin, can't do anything. Tried a factory reset and nothing is working. I have tried: I have tried a factory reset which I can't seem to figure out. I think it was caused by: I can't remember password

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