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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner

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I forgot my backup password for Samsung Galaxy alpha?

I have problem on Samsung Galaxy alpha, I forgot backup password to open up. I can't recall so can you help me to open?


If you have a Samsung Account on the phone then you can change the lock to a different one such as a 4 digit pin from Samsung's Find My Mobile. The 4 digit pin overrides any other pins or locks on the phone. You can also remotely unlock it with Samsung.

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If you do not have a Samsung Account then after 5 wrong attempts you will be able to use your Google Account. Once again you would need to have WiFi and data enabled as well as make sure your screen is on. If your lock screen goes into Sleep Mode, the remote lock may not work.

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Can I unlock my Galaxy Alpha without doing a factory restart?

My friend messed with my phone and now my only option to get in is my backup password but I don't remember what it is. I have tried: I know what I set it as, and it isn't working


You should just hard reset the phone because who knows what he did in your settings. But you could use your Google Account as an alternative and then go into Settings and set a 4 digit pin to override. That being said, a hard reset will clear any fingerprints and other situations and would be your best option. You can use Kies by Samsung to backup most of your phone before a hard reset.

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Hi I have a HTC one m9pw how to unlock it?

Password required after four unsuccessful fingerprint scan. I have tried: All my previous password can remember


Use your Google Account when you click Forgot Password. Then once the phone is unlocked install HTC Sync Manager and back up your phone for a hard reset. The hard reset will allow you to possibly fix any firmware issues with the fingerprint scanner as well as then you can set up the scanner again and put in a backup password you will remember this time.

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To hard reset an HTC One:

  1. 1
    Turn off the HTC One.
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  2. 2
    Press and hold Volume Down and the Power button.
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  3. 3
    Once the H Boot screen appears you will release the buttons.
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  4. 4
    Use the Volume buttons to navigate the menu to Factory Reset and then Power.
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  5. 5
    The phone will immediately reboot and be reset
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How to unlock my Galaxy Note5. None of my fingerprints are recognized and I forgot my backup password?

How to unlock my phone. I can't use my phone. I have tried: Android device manager, findmymobile. I think it was caused by: Samsung software problems or because of new version installed

Find My Mobile usually fails if the phone is dark and put into sleep mode. Try that again if you have data or WiFi enabled and see if you can remotely unlock the phone. As long as you set up a Samsung Account on the Note5, this should work. If it fails then attempt 5 times to use the backup password which should prompt a screen to appear to use your Google Account. Now if you have no WiFi or data this too will fail, but if you do and it is failing then it is because you have 2-Step Verification enabled in the Google Account. This can be changed on the PC in your Google Account under Security.

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Once you have successfully got into the phone, you will want to clear your credentials and then set up the fingerprint again. This is one of Samsung's most faulty firmware implants to date and it is wise to set up a backup password that you will remember.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: Set up the fingerprint lock on my phone and cannot remember my alternate password

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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner
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Can't access my Galaxy S6 after restarting; have fingerprinting but not backup pin?

Question explains all. Except that I am using latest Android version and the Google password reset hasn't come up yet.

Try unlocking with Find My Mobile through Samsung. As stated above make sure your screen is on and that the phone is not in sleep mode. You can also remotely change your pinlock from the Find My Mobile website. Some have reported they had to attempt the change a few times before it worked properly on the phone. Changing it to a 4 digit pin will override all of the other locks set up before. As for the Google option not appearing, personally I have attempted more than 20 times before I finally saw the option.

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