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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I forgot my password to my Polaroid Tablet?

I forgot my password to my Polaroid Tablet


According to Polaroid, you'll need to update your firmware to reset the password. Find your model number on [this list http://southerntelecom.com/polaroidsupport/updates.html] and follow the appropriate steps to get yourself back up and running.

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Forget pattern for my Polaroid tablet?

As mention above, I tried more than once but I couldn't unlock my device and it never asked for Gmail account .


You would need to select Forgot Password below the field that you normally enter your password. If you can't still use the option then go to the Southern Telecom link in the top answer. Find your specific model of Polaroid Tablet and connect the tablet to the PC to update it.

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I forgot my numeric password so I can't use my tablet Polaroid S7?

Lost numeric password to my Polaroid S7 tablet.


[southerntelecom.com/polaroidsupport/reset/S7_Hard_Reset.pdf Southern Telecom] posted the instructions for performing a hard reset on an S7 tablet. You will use Volume Up and Power to hard reset. Charge your tablet before doing any hard reset functions so that you have enough battery power should you need to restart or troubleshoot.

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Bought a 7" Polaroid tablet from eBay pawn shop?

Has pattern to unlock but not sure how to get around this, have tried holding down power and volume buttons to turn it on but that did not work

Follow the steps in the PDF posted above. You hold the keys for 5 seconds and then press them again when the Recovery Menu appears. Because this is a used tablet, you should also connect it to the PC to install a new update through Southern Telecom.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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Polaroid 7" Tablet won't power up?

It won't come on and it is not holding a charge.

Your battery is 100% drained. When you connect a Polaroid tablet to the charger, you have to really push in the cable to get it to charge. If the battery is 100% drained then you will need to charge it for several hours before attempting to turn it on. If you still can't charge it then the is a problem with your charging port or the charger itself. You may also need to replace the battery. If your tablet was getting super hot before this happened then you may have bloated your battery which will make it unusable.

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I'm trying to Factory Reset my Polaroid tablet and can't figure out how?

Cause my Google play store won't connect to the internet

Login to your Google Account on the tablet. Attempt to connect with Google Play again. If you are not connecting and can't connect to anything else then you have a router issue and should restart it. If the problem is still happening then clear the cache in the Google Play app. Make sure you Sync all Google related apps once you sign into your Google Account. Otherwise to hard reset you probably have to do this through the Southern Telecom website and installing an update to the tablet.

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How can I unlock my Polaroid tablet when I have forgotten the password and pattern?

It won't let me reset it. I've tried factory reset it but it didn't work either.

Use the Forgot Password option to use your Google Account. If you can't remember that account then access Google Accounts Recovery on the PC. You will have to install an update from Southern Telecom to restore your Polaroid tablet unless it is the S7 which the hard reset steps are posted above in an answer.

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My daughter changed her password to keep her brother out of her tablet and now she has forgotten it. How can I fix it?

Unlocking a Polaroid S10 tablet

If you or she set up a Google Account to use Google Play or YouTube then you can use those credentials. Make several attempts at a password and then Forgot Password will appear allowing you to use the Google Account. If all else fails, connect the tablet to the PC and flash the firmware from Southern Telecom back onto it. You will want to choose the option specifically for your model of Polaroid.

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How do I do a hard reset on my kids Polaroid tablet model a7wg?

The touch screen is completely unresponsive and it just got done charging. I have tried: I've tried resetting it with the power and volume keys but didn't do anything. I think it was caused by: I'm not sure I read that there is a glitch that sometimes occurs when charged to 100%

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You would have to install a new firmware from Southern Telecom Updates List. You will want the build list as well as specific make. You may as well pull the battery after you remove the cover to see if this unfreezes the screen.

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The password to connect to the net is in voice and not keyboard?

Changing of password from voice to keyboard. I have tried: Tried to reset but it still requests for a password. I think it was caused by: Mistakenly entered voice password instead of keyboard

This is an issue in your security/settings on the tablet. Turn off any speech to text capabilities that are usually located in Language and Output. Then make sure that your keyboard is working properly in other apps. Disable any lock screens after you have turned off the speech to text. In most tablets and phones if you two finger press or tap on the screen you can use the keyboard.

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How can I figure out my password?

I forgot my password, I need to figure it out. I have tried: Putting in random passwords. I think it was caused by: I forgot my password

Click Forgot Password and use your Google Account. If you are not connected to WiFi this may not work and then you would have to install new firmware if it is a Polaroid or hard reset it. When you set up a passcode it should be one that is familiar to you such as your ATM/debit/credit card pin number, birthday, address to your house or one you remember like your childhood house number. Try some of these to see if it is the password.

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Reset my s-10 tablet from wrong pattern screen?

Reset my s-10 tablet from wrong pattern screen. I have tried: Tried to hold down power and volume button

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