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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How to unlock Samsung Galaxy pocket GT-S5300 with too many pattern attempts and no Google account?

Hello, I have an old phone Samsung Galaxy pocket GT-S5300 with multiple Google accounts because I wasn't the only user of that phone at that time, and it was accidentally locked with too many pattern attempts, and asking for Google username and password. I transferred SIM into the new phone (Samsung grand prime SM-G530H), and I registered new phone under the same Google account name as I used in old phone. But when I tried to type username and password in the old phone, phone said that its incorrect. Then I successfully logged-in into this Google account from PC but I can't see my old phone registered under this account anymore, why? Only the new phone is seen there. In this case, how do I unlock my old phone without data loss if it doesn't have a Google account anymore? But I'm sure that this account is still in the old phone.. I managed to enable WiFi on the old phone but debug mode is off I guess, and I'm not a techy person to go through ADB. I searched internet for other methods but none worked. Please try to help me out, I'm confused what happened to my old phone's Google account registration.. I can't do hard reset 'because I have important programs and data in the old phone. You may email me to or let me know where can I read your answer. Thank you in advance!. Regards, I wasn't able to find a solution that describes my specific situation: two phones old and new are registered under one Google account and same SIM number, and suddenly the locked old phone is not under my Google account, only the new one, so how do I suppose to bypass lock screen if now that old phone doesn't have a Google account but physically inside the phone it does? I'm confused what to do and not to lose my data... I have tried: I tried to login with Google credentials and other methods described in internet but I can't find my phone under Google accounts so I can't reset password/pattern via Google recovery. Tapping home button doesn't help also. Only hard reset I didn't try because I can't lose my important data and software etc. By the way, my old phone is not rooted and debug is disabled. Only WiFi is working. I think it was caused by: Old phone was locked out by a child playing with my phone, so when I saw my phone, it already showed "Too many pattern attempts", "Enter your username and password", and I couldn't get into my phone anymore, until now!

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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