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Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You

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I'm not sure if my senior crush likes me?

The thing is, I hardly see him because he has PSEO classes at our community college so I rarely see him during the day. But every pep football game I play at, when we get to talk after our games he usually sees the loud girls and little kids first but almost shoves his way to me right after and he is always having a good long talk with me always smiling, and his friends started noticing me more when we talk. But it really changed Tuesday night when I gave him a senior crush Pink-Out Lollipop and he was injured eating a few skittles he brought with him and completely said I was really sweet and awesome and hugged me, and his friends came over and he still had his arms around me! They really chimed in about it, and then later this week today I was waiting for my ride and he was walking from his car to actually stop and talk with me smiling the entire conversation before he went to practice, which I thought was cute but odd. Any advice on this sweeties signs?. I have tried: Walking together towards a small group each night we win a game and talk almost fifteen minutes alone till his friends come over, or at school we run into each other a lot to chat cause the band room is in the same hallway as the locker rooms and I am usually very close to him eye to eye chests almost touching. I think it was caused by: We just started talking nowhere last year during the school year and his friends unsure of me, and it slowly grew and we talk almost every day, plus with practice with band and gymnastics I somehow almost always run into him during the day.

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This person likes you so much that he respects your opinion, gives all of his undivided attention to you, and interacts with you kinesthetically. Everything he does hints at his predisposition to be with you anywhere and become a friend (if not more). If you like his attention, you can continue to interact with the person until you learn more about him and decide whether you wish to remain friends. His smiling and walking you everywhere can be a sign that he has feelings for you, actually. If you decide to spend good time as friends (it is obvious that he likes you a lot), you can invite him for walks with friends after classes where you will have enough time to communicate.

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A strange teenager on the bus, I want to know if he likes me or not?

I don't know if he likes me or not. I have seen him for a year now, but I can't understand his moves so what should I do? We never talked to each other and I will never start talking to him first. When we are waiting for the bus to come, he always moves around in his place so I don't know what does that mean. I have tried: Just looking at him then look away. Sometimes I end up doing nothing when I see him. I think it was caused by: He is shy that's all I know

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At any age, a lot of men will never confess that they like a girl; and they do expect you to come and talk to them first. It is their shyness. If none of you will take a step, you may never learn whether he likes you or not. Please be aware that younger males (junior school pupils) may react as if negatively to that attempt, though, in reality, they really like you. Muster up your courage and try to ask him anything that may lead to a conversation. You can start greeting him first. If he does not react several times, then he might just be indifferent to you. His moving around can be a sign of indecisiveness (this is the case where he likes you) or just being deep in his own thoughts. If you really cannot start talking to the person, start exchanging glances. If he lowers his eyes, then it can be a sign of his liking you.

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He wants to look at my eyes and he likes to touch my side when he approach me from the back, we are friends, he also likes to flirt with me, is he attracted to me?

Is he attracted to me? I have tried: We hang out. I think it was caused by: Maybe he likes me sexually, he is married like me


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Do you think I am delusional or overthinking it?

I work with this person and for some reason, I thought he liked me because when I first started working there he would say my name so many times that it drove me insane. and then one day he just stopped saying my name and became even a little cold. But about a few weeks ago he started being sweet not saying that he had not been if I asked him something he would just do it or help right away but then again it is his family business so normal. I feel as though there is something but it is just strange how we interact. I have tried: To be honest I have not tried a thing, there is no rooms for that. I think it was caused by: It is a family business and his sisters are just vicious, they love money, and he has a girl

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Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You
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I am a university student.we never talked each other but I am in love with him. how I want to know whether he likes me or not?

I want to know whether he likes me or not,we are strangers to each other.we studied in one university but never talked to each other. We are strangers and did not know each other but encounter each other many times a day I am in love with him I want to know whether he is interested in me or not.what should I do?

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