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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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I can't download applications and it says attention required?

Shows error 80070127. It downloads and then says installing but never does install.


Watch this Youtube Tutorial.

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    Go to All Settings.
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    Scroll down to Date and Time.
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    Set the correct date, time, and year.
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    Check Region and Regional Format.
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    Manually Sync your Microsoft Account.
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If this does not work then Unpin all games and music and see if it updates.

My Nokia Lumia 535 Couldn't Download any application, it shows attention required?

How to restart new Microsoft account as it shows no option and it shows attention required


To solve this problem you need to do a soft reset on your Nokia Lumia 535. To do this you hold down both the Volume Down and Power buttons on the phone until it vibrates and shuts itself down. Be careful not to turn off the phone accidentally while you do this. After this, the phone should reboot automatically and your ability to reinstall apps should be reinstated.

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How can I download apps and games on Microsoft Lumia 535?

I have a Microsoft Lumia 535 and every time I try to download an app or a game it tells me to set up my family.. I have tried: So far I have tried to set up my family, made at least 3 accounts but nothing happened.

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After you set up the family account you need to sync your Microsoft account. You need have the correct age in the family account as well. If you have not set that up then the phone assumes you are under age and blocks installs. So login to your Microsoft account on the phone and Sync. Also, if you have a Nokia Account you will manually want to put the email and password back in.

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I cannot update apps on my Lumia 535?

Each time I want to update apps on my Lumia 535 phone, it tells me attention required. and I cannot download and install apps on my phone.

Go through the suggestions for troubleshooting on this page. It is possible that you received a Windows update and now all your settings are off including your Microsoft Account.

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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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