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Reset a Samsung galaxy young gt-s5360 using two different methods

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My phone just won't Hard Reset?

Here is the thing. I downloaded app from some site(not Google Play) and it didn't work and it messed up my phone and now every time I type in Google.com my phone alerts me that my flash player needs updating.

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I tried to Hard Reset it with codes it won't work I tried the Hard Reset with 3 buttons technique and It went for 4 hours while nothing happened


First, you need to remove those apps from your device. They are more likely carrying some contradicting codes that's why your device is functioning that way. Delete those completely and then reset your phone. Turn it off for a few minutes so it can rest and go back to its normal state. When you've turned it on, try to do the Hard Reset process again.

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My phone could not on? What's the reason?

Hello sir,

my could not on.

I don't on what is problem

can you help me out.?


I suggest you try charging your phone first just to make sure that it is not a low battery issue. Now, if you charged your phone for an hour or so, try turning it on. If it can't, it could indicate that there is a hardware or battery issue. If you can, try using the same battery for your phone. If it works, it simply means that your battery is dead and should be replaced. If changing the battery does not do anything, you have to send the phone to the nearest service center for repair.

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Reset a Samsung galaxy young gt-s5360 using two different methods

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