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Reset Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note2, Note3 Without Losing Data

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My password has numbers and letters. Screen shows only numbers. Locked out?

Got rid of fingerprints on Note4 phone, and created a password of numbers and letters on the keyboard. Now only the numbers display shows up. I can enter only numbers so now locked out. How can I get the keyboard to display so I can type in the full password?

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For whatever reason, your Note4 registered a completely numerical backup password and this is why you are seeing that. If you do not recall what that could be, attempt 5 (sometimes up to 20) times with the backup password. You will see a 30 second time out warning and then you should be able to use your Google Account.

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If you created a Samsung account on the Note4, login to Samsung's Find My Mobile and remotely unlock your device. This is really the best way to bypass your situation and you can change the lock method from within that application from Samsung. But you have to have data or WiFi enabled for it to work and your Samsung Account must have been synced previously to connect remotely.

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I locked the screen on my phone last night, and I cannot remember the PIN code. I don't want to lose any data as there is police evidence in my phone about the burglary of my house and shooting of my little dog?

How do I unlock my phone screen pad with my PIN without losing any data


There is nothing worse than losing someone you love, and let us hope that justice will be brought to the murderer and burglar. First, try going to https://findmymobile.samsung.com and entering your Samsung credentials. Then, click "Unlock my screen" and "Unlock" to unlock your device. If that did not work, then enter the PIN code several times to see any new clickable option ("Forgot password?" or "Unlock via Google"). Tap on that option to enter your Google credentials and unlock your smartphone.

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If neither method worked, then there is another method that may or may not work on your phone.

  1. 1
    Take the microSD card out of your smartphone.
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    Download the file (click here) onto the microSD card
    Do not unpack the archive.
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    Put the microSD card back into the smartphone.
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  4. 4
    Boot your smartphone into the recovery menu
    To see how you can boot into the recovery mode, check step 4 ("The third option for the Galaxy Hard Reset is from the "Start up"") from the "How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy" section of the article.
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    Select the "choose", "apply", or "install" option from the main menu and select the file from step 2 on your microSD card.
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    After the patch has been applied, select "reboot system now".
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    Enter any PIN code now.
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My phone is locked. Fingerprint is not working and have forgot my password?

My phone is locked. Fingerprint is not working and have forgot my password. I have tried: None. I think it was caused by: Careless on my part


You are not necessarily careless. Many people jumped on the bandwagon of using the fingerprint scanner and ended up right where you are right now. This was one of the most faulty functions to ever be put in a Samsung device. One trick is to clean the screen with rubbing alcohol and then try again. It works if your screen was just a little dirty and not reading the fingerprint. Hopefully, you have a Samsung account registered on the device so that you can use your Find My Mobile on the PC to remotely unlock the device.

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Usually, people use important life even dates, ages of themselves and their spouse, last 4 digits of their phone number or SSN number, or an address. Try these and during the attempt, you will get the option to click Forgot Password and use your Google Account.

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Phone died, charged it but when I turned it on, it asked for a password, I can't remember cause I use finger pattern, I don't want to lose my files so what do I do to get in?

Phone charged but forgot password and can't get in phone cause I usually use fingerprint and don't want to lose data

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Reset Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note2, Note3 Without Losing Data

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