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Manage a love relationship with your boss

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I am a lady and my boss is always looking at me when he is passing by me or sometimes looking at me?

I am a lady, and I work in a food industry. My manager always looks at me and this was noticed by another lady who works opposite to my working bench. After some days all the lady workers are looking at my face. That time I did not know about this. After one week I noticed that the manager is always looking at me whenever he comes to my food section. I am just making food items with my head bent down. Is this manager bad looking. I have tried: I did not do anything. just wondering what is this. The lady who works opposite to me always looks at me in the kitchen. She does not speak to me, because I am a new employee and she belongs to another section at the work place.. I think it was caused by: The manager is middle aged man, I think around 45 years. I am 32 years. I never talked to the manager. I do not know that he is the manger, because when I started my work (employed) that time afternoon manager was there. He always looks at me but I am busy in making my bread items at the work place.

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Maybe the manager is doing his job, watching his new workers perform their duties as he expects them. Not to distract you from work, he does not approach you and glances at your work only when passing by. Also, he must know that looking at people without a work-related reason is impolite. Other coworkers might be examining your reaction and your work as well. This is really hard to tell in this situation: it is suggested that you look back at him and see the reaction of the manager: whether he will, confronted with your glance, approach you and ask about your work, become embarrassed, or continue looking at you impudently. Ask him if you are doing the work as he expects it to be too so that you will see his reaction as well: if he is really assessing you, then he will have answer you with alacrity. His being embarrassed or impertinent may prove his more than friendly intentions. Also, you can try to find a worker who started to bake bread recently and consult about that matter with him or her. Newcomers find a common language faster.

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Manage a love relationship with your boss

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