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Backup Data on Samsung Galaxy S5

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Restoring logs deleted in error?

I was selecting certain logs to be deleted from calls/messages and it cleared ALL my data. Samsung backup is not currently working says sync has temp issues.


Can you help, give me info on how to restore?

Make sure you are connected to WiFi and then select Sync again. It can take a while for everything to appear again though so be patient if it does not suddenly appear once you select Sync. After the Sync is done, reboot your phone to see if the changes post.

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How do I back up my phone to my laptop?

I am having trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S5. I cannot receive texts, but I can send them, make calls and receive calls. I have fooled around for a while trying to fix it but now figure a factory reset is the best solution.

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    Before you hard-reset your phone, make sure that your internal memory is not full by deleting some applications and then trying to receive a message
    If it works, then you need to clean up your internal memory. Follow our tutorials on how to clean the internal memory: at this location and at this location. Please make sure to clear the cache and data from your Messaging application.
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    The second method of making SMS work both ways is turning off your phone and removing the battery for a couple of minutes
    Then, turn it back on.
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    It could be also recommended to enter the recovery mode and choose "wipe cache partition" then "reboot system now"
    To enter the recovery mode, press the volume-up, home, and power buttons until you see the Samsung logotype. Wait a bit, and you will enter the recovery mode. You can choose options with the volume buttons and confirm them with the power button.
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    Now, if none of these work, you can start backing up your phone
    We have a tutorial on how to back up data on Samsung Galaxy S5. Scroll down to "Use Samsung Kies to backup data on your Galaxy S5". You can also use Smart Switch to back up your data to your laptop. Just launch it, connect your smartphone, and select "Back up".
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    Hard-reset your phone
    Follow our tutorial to do that.
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    Your phone will ask for your Google credentials
    Entering those will restore a lot of data on the phone.
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    Launch either Kies, Kies 3, or Smart Switch (whichever you used to back up data) and select "Restore" to restore data to your phone
    "Restore" is located in the "Back up/Restore" tab in Kies and Kies 3.
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Hi, can you tell me how to retrieve a memo?

I accidentally deleted a memo on my Samsung Alpha and I am hoping that I can get it back, or maybe they can get it for me at the AT&T store. I actually was trying to delete the name because I already used the name but I hit delete and the whole message was deleted. Can you help me with sending to a site I have to buy the software, and I can't find memos in my files. I thought when you save it, it would automatically save to the phone or SD card

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As long as you have not used the phone after you deleted the file to create another file, you can use Undeleter Recover Files App from Google Play Store. Install this and then run it but you may need to root your device.

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How to recover data from Android after formatting?

Hello . I am an Android user. Yesterday I formatted my phone and now it's total free. Before format I did backup my all data and that data file was saved to my SD card. After format when I inserting SD card to the phone it showed a request to format SD card and it said the SD card was damaged . So I didn't accept . I turned off my phone and removed the SD card and I plugged it to my Macbook . Then I copied the backup file of the SD card to Mac and safely formatted the SD card. Then I inserted SD card to the phone. Now SD card is OK but there is nothing on my phone / SD card. After that I tried to restore my SD card with Mac with that backup file. But I couldn't do it . It doesn't show any data. That backup file only contains few songs and photos only. But my SD card had lot of files data ,music ,photos etc. So I want to recover my SD card completely. I am an Android user. I don't have a Windows machine. I have Macbook air. So kindly let me know how to do it correctly ?

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Card Data Recovery can be installed on a Macbook. It will help you restore your SD card. You may have damaged it somehow during the switching back and forth from the Macbook to phone. Sometimes you have to hard reset a second time before it will accept the SD card. You can try a soft reset first if you use the Card Data Recovery and it does not solve your issue.

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How do I backup my Samsung 5S prior to performing a Hard Reset?

My Samsung 5S requires a Factory Reset as it isn't functioning properly after the Lollipop update. I'm looking for info on how to save texts, contacts, passwords (I moved my photos and videos already) from the phone prior to doing the Hard Reset.

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You can do this using Kies from Samsung but first what issues are you having with the S5 and Lollipop update? Before you hard reset, wipe your cache partition. You find this in the Recovery Menu as if you were performing a hard reset but instead of choosing that option you will select Wipe Cache Partition. It will not delete any sensitive data if you do it properly. If you are still are not happy then you can go into to Settings and revert back to the previous version but this may complicate issues with the phone further.

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I updated S5 now I can not ring out?

I've updated my S5 and my contacts page says contact list is being updated

It can take a while depending on how many contacts you have. For instance, my contacts did not update did not update for close to 12 hours but I have over 500 contacts stored on a regular basis.

Move pictures from S5 to "cloud" to free space on my computer?

Hi I would like to move my pictures from my phone to a cloud storage so that I have space on my phone but I do not know how. I tried putting some on Dropbox but then I ran out of space. I thought Samsung had cloud storage for its users but cannot seem to figure out how to move my pictures there. Please help?

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Samsung has partnered with Microsoft OneDrive to offer cloud storage. It is limited like Dropbox but you can access OneDrive from your PC and save to your Windows Picture folder to free up space on a regular basis. You can also use Google Photos to back up photos with their app that can be installed from Google Play.

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Just researching some things on the S5?

Looking into ways to restore data where a phone has been wiped from a corporate email.

You would need the login to that corporate Google Account and if they did not backup before they wiped the data then you will not be able to restore.

Can I retrieve a lost voice recording from Samsung Galaxy Core?

I did a factory reset to fix a no signal issue, losing the voice recording. The phone's screen stopped working the next morning. I have a PC, is there any way to recover my voice memo?

The voice memo is saved as an mp3 so as long as you have not written over it, you can recover it with the app Undeleter Recover App which is in the Google Play Store.

Another option is using Windows Data Recovery on the PC but it is a little more difficult so try the app first.

How do I stop my phone screen from flickering?

My phone screen is flickering and I've cleared the cache, started it in safe mode, and now I'm debating a factory reset to fix the problem. I don't want to lose my photos, though.

You can backup your photos using Kies if you have a Samsung or through Google Photos. If you have wiped the cache partition then booted it in Safe Mode and the screen still flickers, you will have to factory reset. This will tell you if it is a hardware issue because the screen should not flicker after you factory reset. If it does then you will need to repair a hardware issue.

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Need to reset to 4.4 because new car does not sync with 5.0?

Need to reset to 4.4 because new car does not sync with 5.0

Before you factory reset and downgrade, go into Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition. Reboot your phone and try to sync your car. Otherwise, you will have to factory reset your phone and then install the 4.4 Kitkat ROM. Your car company Bluetooth manufacturer should be offering a package to pair the Lollipop with the car so contact them and ask what solutions they provide before you factory reset your device and go through the hassle of installing custom ROM.

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Getting phone ready to hand in to Optus to do an insurance claim phone replacement?

I want to be able to back up the phone and when I get my replacement then put it all back on the replacement S5. I have tried: Nothing as yet

As long as you can access the phone through Kies on your PC, you can backup and store on your PC until you get your new device. You can then transfer once you get the new device. Backup your Google Account and see if it got everything that you want to save. Connect to Kies and transfer what it did not save.

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