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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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I'm in 20s and and I can see my scalp under bright light and feel a little thin on top but no hair fall?

I feel my hair is little bit thin on top


If you are sure that all of the negative factors that have been described in the article are excluded, then that is, most likely, hereditary hair thinning. Hair may become thinner with normal hair loss, which is 50-100 hairs a day. Every follicle, after shedding a hair that has had its life cycle, replaces it with a thinner one. That is why you start to see the scalp without noticeable hair loss. Using remedies like minoxidil will only slow down thinning, but they will not stop it completely. Again, please follow advice from the article while at the same time making appointments with several doctors: a trichologist, an endocrinologist. a neuropathologist, and a dermatologist.

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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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