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Grow a Beard

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I'm at the age of 22 and my facial hairs have not come up?

I have a thick mustache, but I don't have facial hairs on cheek since my age 22 I don't know whether my facial hairs will grow on my cheek. I'm Indian so please suggest me some home remedies to grow facial very fast. I have tried: I have tried applying castor oil, using shaving razor from school days, also tries applying ground hibiscus leaves but nothing has helped. I think it was caused by: I don't know

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You are only 22 and some men do not get their full beard until they are closer to the age of 30. What you are doing now by applying the castor oil and hibiscus will still be beneficial and may encourage your hair to grow faster before the age of 30. Keep doing what you have been for proper preparation of a healthy beard in the future.

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My age is 21 years old, I am not growing hair on my face?

Small and golden hair on my face, I need to grow a beard fast as well as black hair on my face. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I think genetic problem


At the age of 21, you still have plenty of time for your facial hair to mature. Please read the methods suggested in the VisiHow article on this page and begin a few of them to encourage faster hair growth.

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I want facial hair. I am 30 and don't have hair

I want facial hair. I am 30 and don't have hair. I have tried: Nothing.. I think it was caused by: May be hormones.


You have not tried any natural remedies, so first please try one. Take a month with each remedy you test before switching to another method as it will take about a month for even products like minoxidil to begin working. The VisiHow article Boost Your Testosterone Level with Garlic will help you naturally start to regulate your hormones. Testosterone is needed for facial hair production.

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