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Turn On and Off the Samsung Galaxy S4

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My Samsung S4 is not turning on, and it is not charging as well?

It was only 6%. Then, it turned itself off. However, when I tried to charge it, the charging icon does not appear as well as the lead indicator. I tried to turn it on, and it is not working. Also, the troubleshooting does not work. Please help! Thanks!

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We are not aware of the methods that you have used to fix your phone, so we have to include all of them.

  • Replace the USB cable. Ensure that the cable is a genuine Samsung product for your device.
  • Replace the charger adapter.
  • Charge via the USB cable from another port of your computer or from another wall socket.
  • Clean the USB port with compressed air and check if the little tab is not bent. If it is, then you can straighten it carefully with a small object.
  • Take the back cover off and check the battery. It should be completely flat, not bulging. And its contacts should be pressing against the ones of the phone. You may use a small piece of material to push it against the contacts if needed.
  • Replace the battery.
  • If none of the tips worked, then the motherboard or the USB port might need replacing. To do that, send or bring your Samsung Galaxy S4 to the closest Samsung service center.
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Overheating and not powering on?

My phone shuts off when I try to charge it. It gets a warning picture and shuts off. I want to get my pics off of it. Nothing works. I have tried other chargers.I know that isn't what the problem is. I can't use a recovery program because the phone won't power on.

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Turn On and Off the Samsung Galaxy S4

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