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Write a Letter of Invitation

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How to write letter to a friend inviting him for summer vacation?

In ICSE pattern, how to write letter to friend for inviting him for summer vacation


To: James Kyle, friend

(address) Date June 6, 2016

Subject: Invitation to visit for the summer.

Dear Friend, Last week, you generously invited me to visit you in Pakistan, and I would like to extend an invitation to you. Recently on a class trip, we visited Taj Mahal. What we saw and experienced during this class trip enlightened us. I was reminded that you study all architecture of historical significance and feel that you need to visit me so that we can go to the Taj Mahal. I learned so many new facts about the palace while I was there and you must hear them as well.

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The city of Agra contains the Agra Fort which has several years of construction examples during history and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fatehpur Sikri is a deserted city not far from Agra. It is one of the most majestic cities of the Mughal Empire. Mankameshwar Temple is comprised of four smaller temples and is a wonder to behold. There are also several historical tombs that we can visit.

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Come and stay with me so that I can show you the Taj Mahal and we can experience the other locations for the first time together. Be sure you bring your sketchpad because there are many points worth taking the time to sketch which I know you enjoy. The full moon will be the first week in July so let's plan on you staying with me then. We can be at Taj Mahal before Sunrise, explore all day and then watch the Sunset. The full moon displays the Taj Mahal extraordinarily so let's plan to stay for two nights. Hotel Taj Plaza is reasonably priced and close to the Taj Mahal. I inquired about availability during the time I suggested, and they do have unreserved rooms. This way we can take our time exploring the area.

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Thinking of you, Yours sincerely (Your Name)

This is the format of an ICSE letter. Depending on the length of words you need, picking a tourist location provides you will find numerous extra additions of content. Suggest restaurants and what they are well known for or what to buy in one of the local markets. Even go into detail more about the locations mentioned.

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I would like to write an invitation letter for my presentation about CRM?

Time 25-5-2016 - 11:00pm. Invite teamwork in the company


This is best sent as a corporate e-mail message.

Dear colleagues:

I would like to inform you that on the 25th of May, I will be giving a presentation on customer relationship management (CRM) at [name the location or the office] for our work team. The presentation will start at 11:00 pm, but you are welcome to come earlier if you wish.

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[optional, if there are reserved seats or a coffee break] Please inform me if you wish to attend the event by [date].

Yours faithfully,

[your name]

[your position]

[company name]

How to write an invitation letter to my professors and other administration officers?

I am tasked to write a letter to all professors who are handling courses under the curriculum of my course to our departmental Acquaintance Party. Please help me Mr. Timbuktu!


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How can I write a short fact file on wildlife?

How can I write a short fact file on wildlife?

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