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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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How to write an apology letter to my girlfriend saying sorry I was not there for you?


These are the feelings that your girlfriend might have when you were not there for her:

  1. 1
    You do not find her important enough for you to find ways to be there.
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  2. 2
    There are other more important matters that you decided to spend time on, instead of her
    In other words, you do not consider her your priority.
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  3. 3
    You have no sympathy for her situation and cannot feel her pain.
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  4. 4
    You desire to be with someone
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  5. 5
    You do not recognize when it is a time that she needs you the most
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  6. 6
    You did not value the fact that she considers you as her dearest friend and that you are the only one she wants when she's facing challenges in life
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  7. 7
    You are taking her and the relationship you both have together for granted.
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These are the things that you need to make sure are covered in your apology letter to your girlfriend for not being there:

  • Tell her that you understand how important the situation was and that you really wished you could be there for her. It may also help to say that although you were not physically there at that time, you were still emotionally and mentally with her all the way. She will probably like this because it shows how committed and dedicated you are to the relationship.
  • Emphasize that she remains a priority, but you were just really caught up in a situation which was beyond your control. Indicate that if you had a choice, you would have decided to be with her instead. It is important for your girlfriend to understand that you did not abandon her at that moment for shallow reasons, nor was it your voluntary decision.
  • Show her that you understand the situation by letting her know how aware you are of it and the corresponding details. Your girlfriend will become angry if you give any indication that you don't even remember what was going on. Show her that you did listen to her when you talked about this. Attention and genuine concern melt even the toughest hearts.
  • Thank her for wanting you to be there at that time and let her know that you also wanted to be there. Identify if there is any lingering pain related to the situation and be that friend to her right now.
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Convey that you mean what you are writing, your apology letter will probably be wholeheartedly accepted if it is sincere. Your girlfriend will easily detect if you are just saying nice words in order to console her. Also, make sure that your actions and whatever was written in the letter are actually aligned.

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To write an apology letter, you must be sincere and honest in telling how much you are sorry to your girlfriend that you are not there for her. Here is a sample of writing an apology letter:

Dear Leah (or you can use the nickname of your girlfriend to make it sweet like Love, Baby, Sweetie or Honey),

I am truly sorry for not being there for you, I was really disappointed and down that I didn't get to be there for you. I'm sorry if I'm not a perfect boyfriend, there are reasons why I couldn't be there (then state your valid reasons). It was not my intention to hurt you. Since I did not go there to be with you, I'm worried and feel bad because maybe I have hurt your feelings and I don't want that to happen. Sorry for all the trouble and I will promise that from now on, I will be there for you. I love you and take good care of yourself Leah.

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Best apology to girlfriend that will make her smile?


This depends on the gravity of what you fought about. Here is what you should do:

  • Let her the situation simmer down for a few days, but make sure that you say sorry before you "disappear" for a while
  • After a few days, buy something sentimental to her or cook for her.
  • A few roses, a nice dinner and the classic radio station playing in the background convey the meaning I am sorry as well.
  • Tell her the things that you will do to prevent fighting over the same thing again.

REMEMBER: Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Be sincere in your apology to her and make sure that you are putting the fault on yourself, rather than placing the blame on her for the mistake you have made. Also ensure that you make the promise of not making the mistake again.

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Show me a letter to a girlfriend apologizing her for the wrong you have done to her and asking her to forgive you?


There are a lot of ways to write a letter to your girl and also it depends what you have done in how you convey your apology within the letter. Either way you can use this as an example for your letter:

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Dearest Babe,

Good day to you. Thanks for sparing some time to read this letter of mine. I just thought writing this letter could at least ease the anger that I've caused you lately.

Babe, I know and I'm aware of the things that I have done to you, that my actions were too childish and I didn't really mean it Babe promise. (Discuss the things you have done to her if, why and tell her that it won't happen again). I am so sorry about those things Babe. I really love you a lot and you mean everything to me so I am truly sorry Babe, please forgive me because I don't want to lose you. You will only be my first and last girl that I would love here in this world, and the one I want to grow old with.

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Sincerely yours,

Your name

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Best excuses to use when your girlfriend asks if you're OK?

You do not need to make an excuse. Instead, you can tell her honestly that you are OK on your own and that you want some space to deal with the things you are worried about on your own. Then you can go on to explain to your girlfriend that sometimes, men really need to be alone to deal with things by themselves. If you are honest and you let her understand the situation better, there is less tendency for her to keep on bugging you by asking if you are OK.

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If you do not want her to know that you are having a bad day or not in a good mood you can simply tell her that you are doing OK. If she asks how your day is then you can just say that your day is fine.

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Get your girlfriend to forgive
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How to write a letter to my girlfriend when I know I messed up?

I messed and she gave me 2 chances already and I really want her back and want to earn her trust back and be with her

Your situation is going to be hard to overcome being that she has given you two chances prior to this situation. The best thing to do is inform her that you are sorry for what you have done and that you hope that she can forgive you. The hardest thing to do will be the wait before she comes to the conclusion that she forgives you or she doesn't forgive you.

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Apology letter to your girlfriend for not making time for her?

You can give an explanation to the letter on what were the things that kept you really busy. You can also express that by telling her your situation, it does not mean that you are defending the fact that you did not find time to spend with her. Recognize the fact that this was difficult for her and that you could have done better. When you say this, she will feel that you recognize her feelings and that you are sincere in trying to make up for lost time. This is one of the things that women like. They like it when men pay attention to their feelings and try to find ways to make the situation better.

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Sir I want to write a letter to my friend who is a girl stating my apology?

Actually there is a huge misconception between me and her and so I just want to clear her all doubts and issues and so simply I want to go away from her as she does not want me in her life and saying her sorry

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You can use this format for your apology:

Dear Megan,

I would like to say sorry for all the things I might have said and done that offended you in any way. You see, there has been a huge misunderstanding, . I simply want to clear all your doubts and if you have other issues with me, please let me know. If you don't want me in your life, I will try to live with that but I want to know that I am really sorry for what I did to hurt you. I hope you forgive me.

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How to make your girlfriend love you more?

Today and forever please forgive me

You can't make anyone do anything. Do nice things for your girlfriend. Be there when she needs you. Be supportive, complimentary, and understanding. If she doesn't love you and you're doing all those things, talk to her about why you're feeling unappreciated. If you still can't come to an understanding, the two of you may be wrong for each other.

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How can I make up with her, after she forgave me for not calling her ,I repeated again I went to sleep early, then she wanted to talk to me?

She complained that I don't communicate with her, even though I do, never the less I asked for forgiveness which she did forgive me later on in the evening I was not feeling well so I wrote her a text to say I will call you later, after waking up I am taking a nap. then she becomes upset and say it is over, I should be happy with the one I give attention to.

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She most likely read that text stating that you would call her later as another way to avoid further communication with her. She was expressing that you and she were not speaking enough and then you apologize yet the same day brush her off again. Though you may have been feeling ill and tired she took your text as another brush off. The real message to all of this is that she was communicating to you that she feels lonely even though she is in a relationship with you. Loneliness in a relationship can happen when a woman or man is not getting the attention they need from their partner. Send her a formal invitation inviting her to a full day of surprises and plan an entire day and evening with activities for the both of you to participate in as a couple.

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My girlfriend said I don't have time with her online?

My girlfriend said I am not creating out much time with her online, but I try to explain my busy schedule with her, she is not believing me, how do I approach her again please help me out

Create a document that you can share with her online of your daily commitments and ask her to add hers. Then let her know that you would like to make time within the document schedule so that you can spend time with her online. This should help to show how busy you are and perhaps a scheduled time will make her feel less slighted as long as you keep that commitment of time with her.

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Didn't answer girlfriend's calls?

Didn't return my girlfriend's phone calls last night. Had a tiff prior to that.

Call her back and explain that you did not answer the phone because you did not want to say something in anger that you would regret later. Express to her that you would try to be more considerate when she tries to contact you in the future.

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As if we do not love each other. we rarely talk about love and all of us are quite busy and I told her its over yet my heart feels for her, how can I get her back?

She is too busy and has little time for me but my heart feel for her, I told her its over because she does not have time for me even to see me or even call me from academic work or we talk about love

Sometimes it all comes down to bad timing for a relationship. Make plans with her during your next academic break. Take things slow and when the timing is right and if you both have feelings for each other then everything will work out just fine.

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Can you advise me please on this situation?

She says that she is bored of me but I really love her

Do something out of routine for her that you have never done before yet you know she will appreciate. Offer to do more things with her of her choosing. Perhaps take a course like cooking together or have an every other Saturday picnic where all year long you visit a different hiking trail or park together and have a picnic.

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How to earn back trust after caught lying?

I met a girl online, fell in love with her. I said few lies about myself and I revealed her today. she trusted me with life now shes heartbroken

Well depending on what you lied about could actually be a final deal breaker for the relationship. You need to speak to her and let her know the reasons why you lied and that you promise to be honest with her from that moment on. Allow her to ask you any questions that you will answer with honesty even if it is damaging to you. This will let her slowly regain some ground in all the yardage of trust you ruined.

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She's mad at me for not chatting with her for two days?

Now she thinks I am not serious with our relationship. I love her so much and would not want to lose her. What should I do?

Explain to her the valid reasons on why you did not contact her for two days. Let her know that in the future you will have daily contact with her unless you notify her beforehand that you will be too busy for any contact.

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My girlfriend is angry with me, she says I am useless and can never change. Have tried all my possible best to make her realize that I am sorry, but she takes me 4 granted and even insults me please help me?

I want my girl to forgive me because I love her so much

Have you truly tried to make the changes she has asked of you? Are the changes even realistic to you? Ask her to write down goals for you and sincerely let her know if you will be able to reach those goals or not. Deal breakers of no financial security can devastate a relationship beyond repair however something like leaving the toilet seat up in the bathroom is a fixable issue.

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How do I effectively say sorry?

OK., so my girl is delicate but I got carried away when I wanted to get some facts straight. I was too much with my words on text that she now thinks she is not the right one for me. I think she is, but I just wanted us to clear out grey areas for the future. Now since she is delicate I really have to apologize and make her realize she is the right one for me.. I have tried: I called and we talked, I texted, but she is reluctant. So I made an appointment in two hours time. I also wrote a card to say sorry and a letter and I'll give it to her when we meet. I think it was caused by: I was blunt when I expressed myself and she is delicate, so she crumbled

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Sounds like you removed some security she thought that she had with you. Your grey issues may have been her black and white issues so you need to revisit how to make her feel secure with you again. Explain to her that you were trying to address future issues because you want to be with her for the rest of your lives on Earth. Using statements like that will start the path to security for her again.

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