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Sober yourself up

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How to wake yourself up when drunk?


The effects of alcohol are not going away until the alcohol is removed from your system. If you need to be awake the day after a party, find some way to take out the alcohol from your system. Alcohol is released through urine, sweat, stools and/or vomit. The last way mentioned is probably the worst, and no one wants that. Drinking a lot of water will make you urinate more, expediting the alcohol's drive out of your body. A cup of your favorite coffee will also help. Please be reminded that if you are urinating only a short time, you have to drink more water or juice to prevent dehydration. Eating will also help. An empty stomach makes our intestines absorb the alcohol faster. This will often make people sick - when they drink with an empty stomach. If our stomach is filled up, our intestines' direct absorption of the alcohol will be lessened, and its effects, such as sleepiness, will decrease. Lastly, keep yourself busy and your body moving for your system to forget your drunkenness and concentrate on your task. Producing sweat will also help you flush out alcohol and sober yourself up faster.

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If you are drunk and you fall asleep then it is a good idea that you stay asleep and rest in order to sober yourself up. If you are asking how to wake yourself up in regards to you feeling drowsy in an uncomfortable place then you can either splash cold water on your face or step outside of the area to feel some cold air on your body.

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After drinking liquor can you go to bed not feeling drunk or sick and then wake up sick?


Yes, it is very possible that you can go through this process. This is actually very common upon people who drink alcohol for it will not take effect until the alcohol is processed through the body.

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If you drink and you have not felt the feeling from the alcohol then understand that it make take time to flow through your body. When this happens you, in fact, can go to bed perfectly fine until the alcohol processes through the body while you are sleep. This can cause you to wake up the next day not feeling very well.

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How to wake yourself up?

How can I stay awake?


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Hi I recently blacked out drunk about two days ago?

Hi I recently blacked out drunk about two days ago and I still feel hungover/out of sync 2-3 days after and I'm starting to get worried.

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Sober yourself up

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