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How do I turn off Driver Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

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How to turn off drive mode permanently on S7 Galaxy?

Drive mode comes on all the time when I use Bluetooth and I'm not in car.. I have tried: Looking in settings and phone itself. I think it was caused by: It is built in the phone


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    Go to Settings then go to Applications Manager and select Car Mode
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    Force Stop the app
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    Open Car Mode again and you will be prompted to go through the steps to set it up.
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    Disable the option of start car mode automatically when connected to this Bluetooth device
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    This will fix your problem because now the phone will not assume you are in the car each time you turn on the Bluetooth.
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    You can root the phone and remove the app altogether but if you are not technically savvy then you can brick your phone so take it to a phone repair place before trying to root on your own.
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I don't see Car Mode on my apps manager, is Drive the same thing?

I do not have Car Mode in my apps manager. I do have Drive, but that says if I force stop, there could be errors. My phone goes into driving mode ALL THE TIME. I miss important calls. I do have Bluetooth in my car and on my gear fit watch.

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How do I turn off Driver Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

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