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Get Back at Your Boyfriend for Cheating

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How to teach my boyfriend a lesson, make every one close to him know about his fake love towards me and get back the things I lost just because of him?

I loved my boyfriend so much and I still do, but My boyfriend want's just money from me and he doesn't want to inform or any one to know that I spend money on him, I got a slit doubt on him when he started demanding for more money. He doesn't know that I know his pranks on me to get money. He doesn't have anything to spend on him or me. I want him to give me back my money and I want him to know that I was hurt very badly. And also want to make him feel the same way I felt at the situation when I got the worst information about him having another girlfriend. He ruled over me, but I badly want him to be ruled by me, and want him to get jealous, but till today all my plans to get things done by him have failed

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If you have any proof that you "loaned" him the money you can take him to Civil Court to hopefully get a judgement in your favor. If nothing else, the embarrassment of you taking him to court will be a mode of revenge. No one wants to be the other person's wallet and the fact that he had another girlfriend on top of it all makes this quite the ridiculous situation.

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You should find out who she is and tag her in a social media post about how you paid for her dates with your boyfriend. Not only will that embarrass him but it will nuke that relationship most likely. Especially if she did not know about you.

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A friend of mine was in a similar situation. She met a guy and they started dating but within a few weeks, he was always asking her for money. She gave it to him because she believed his stories then found out that he had a wife and four kids. She confronted the wife and found out that the wife knew all along about her and several other women because that was how he afforded the BMW he drove. Yes, some men are gold diggers.

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Instead of conveying your hurt, the best revenge would be to show him how awesome your life is without him. Even if you are not feeling that way, definitely portray it. Be happy that you got away from him before you spent even more money on him! Take that extra money now that you dumped him and buy yourself something nice!

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Get Back at Your Boyfriend for Cheating

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