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Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on Face

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How to stop hormonal oily face?


You may want to consult your doctor and ask for a prescription for pills. These are the typical birth control pills which are known to target acne and oil on the face which are brought about by hormones. However, these pills cannot be bought over the counter, so you really have to consult the doctor first before you are able to buy it.

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At the same time, even if the oil is caused by hormones, it would help if you keep your face clean and moisturized all the time. Oil is often produced when there is too much dirt on your face. Basic cleanliness will somehow help this condition. Make sure that you are not using a harsh soap because that will cause even more oil on your face.

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How to lose oily face and pimples?

Nowadays my face became so oily I never used to be like that. Pimples are starting to occur on my face, its getting so many. I would really be happy if you would tell me what is causing that and how can I get rid of them. Thank you

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See also the VisiHow article on this page. Treating your oily skin first will clear up the acne. Avoid touching your face with your hands unless you have washed them first as this is the most common way to introduce acne causing bacteria to the face.

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I have a problem with an oily face?

My face is oily and its getting worse and worse. I find a kind of white like waxes on my face every morning. I wake up and find lines across my top face below my hairline, I need to manage it naturally.

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Use Cinnamon to treat acne will also help treat your oily face. Combine dry oats, dried orange peel and cinnamon with almond milk to a blender or hand mix for a chunky mask. You will want to dry out orange peels and grind them up as fine as you can. You also can grate the peel and then let those dry out for a faster method. Add just enough almond milk to form and paste and apply to your face for 20 minutes before bed and in the morning if you notice extra oil production you can use this as a quick face wash by adding some coffee ground or green tea leaves.

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My face skin is too oily and tanned skin too?

I want to get out of my oily and tanned skin too

Tanned skin is beautiful so embrace your glorious skin color. Because you are tan you can use a mask of honey, gram flour and turmeric powder and make a paste by adding a bit of green tea that has been steeped and cooled. This will help with your oil production. Add a bit of lemon juice for extra oil extraction from your pores but be careful because the lemon juice can irritate your skin.

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Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on Face
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My face is very oily. If I apply makeup or BB cream, after some time my skin turns dark. I have tried different ones still with same result?

My face is very oil. If I apply makeup or BB cream, after some time my skin turns dark. I have tried different ones still with same result.

Oily skin does not work with BB creams if you are not applying a finishing powder to control the shine after you have applied your makeup. Take the smallest amount of lemon juice on a cotton ball and apply that to your T-Zone before makeup. You should also use a matte face primer and look into using a loose powder mineral foundation. These will help with the oil control by absorbing the oil while giving you the coverage that you need.

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How to get rid of my oily skin because its giving me a lot of stress by making my face shine all through and acne?

I have small pimples on my skin, even after applying makeup and staying for few minutes my skin is back to oily. Sometimes my skin gets irritating and forms acne. What do I do?

Review the answer right above this question. Look for oil free foundation or mineral loose powder foundation. Consider using a face wash that contains salicylic acid which will reduce the oil yet not dry out your face.

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