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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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How to spy on someone else Android mobile phone?

I want to spy on my friend mobile.


In most regions, it is illegal to spy on a phone of someone that is not a relative. Not to mention, this would ruin your friendship and if you feel the need to spy on their phone then you have a serious problem with the friendship. If you want to spy because you are concerned for their well being then speak about your concerns with one of their trusted adult relatives. See if you can work with them to get your friend on the right path.

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Can I hack to see who my girlfriend has been talking to on her phone if she is in the USA and I am in another country?

I think my girlfriend has someone else besides me and I want to find out if my suspicions are correct


Long distance relationships are tough. Miles divide you and distrust easily creeps in. There are apps like Auto Forward that claim they can be remotely installed but if you read the fine print you will still need to install the app on the device for it to work properly. The other option you have is to purchase a cellphone as a gift for your girlfriend. Install the spy app on her phone before you send her the gift. You can also create fake accounts on social media and try to bait her into speaking with you or flirting with you.

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The best option is to use open communication and express how you are feeling doubtful about your relationship with her. Make a list of all the behavioral changes you have noticed. Try to do this over a video call so that you can gauge her facial reactions. Be careful to not come off as accusatory but instead, approach lovingly. You may still not be satisfied with the answers but if this is the case then it is probably time to end the relationship or make plans to live together within 6 months. Immigration can cause hurdles between couples from two different countries but you should research what would be necessary for her to come stay with you long term or vice versa.

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How can I track my girlfriend's phone calls?

She is cheating on me with her schoolmates and she is hiding it from me so I want to get proof. I have tried: Nothing yet. I think it was caused by: She likes cheating


Instead of tracking your girlfriend, gain some maturity and learn to trust. A person who is not insecure would have broken up with their girlfriend if they felt she liked to cheat. This is what you need to do. It is likely that you are imagining that she is cheating and when you are young it is easy to mistake control issues with cheating issues. Just because she wants to spend time with her schoolmates does not mean she is cheating.

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I want to know how to track my son phone and read all text messages and listen to voice call?

Thank you very much , thank you very much. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Don't know

Apps likeFlexiSpy and mSpy can allow you to listen in on phone calls. They will also show you all of your son's text messages, social media posts and internet browsing history. You can install one of these apps rather quickly without your son's knowledge. Even if he deletes and image or SMS it will still show up in the Control Panel link that the spy apps provides you will after purchase. It can take a few hours for the app to sync with the Control Panel.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Hi, how can I track phone calls of any number with the help of IMEI, can I? please provide me suggestions. Thanks in advance?

Hi, how can I track phone calls of any number with the help of IMEI, can I? please provide me suggestions. Thanks in advance

No, you can't track a cell phone with the IMEI number. Even though some websites claim you can, they are scams or highly unreliable. To track a phone, you would need to install a spy app directly onto the phone. All the IMEI number basically does is work as a serial number for your phone on the wireless network.

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I want track mobile correct location?

Correct location know about my girlfriend where is she right now

If you know her Google Account logins then you can track her from the PC within Google Maps. This is assuming that her location is enabled. You can also check her social media posts to see if any of her recent locations were tagged.

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Would like to track husband's LG G3 phone?

Text messages and all outgoing and incoming calls need to be tracked. He claims to never send text messages or receive voice messages. I believe he is using his phone. It is powered off. Can I track it if it is powered down?

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You will need to turn it on and install a spy app. Even then when the phone is turned off no data will transfer but then again no data is incoming at that time. If you can't snoop through his phone to see his history then install a spy app. You can also request the login details for the cell account if it is not in your name. From there you can see incoming numbers and at least the numbers of text messages although you will not see the message. Claim you want to shop for a better plan since you learned how to do so. Use some excuse. If he denies access to the cell account online then you do have some marital issues.

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I have Samsung, and she has a normal phone?

I want to track it.

You can track her phone with a spy app as long as her phone has an Android or iOS. The spy apps work cross-platform on devices although some are specifically made for Android or Apple products. Make sure that you have about 20 minutes to install the app on her phone and only purchase a spy app after you have checked to make sure they have operational customer service as well as read several reviews from several different links. Some of the reputable apps have been mentioned on this page.

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Hi, How can I track my girlfriend's cell phone calls?

Hi, How can I track my girlfriend's cell phone calls

You can ask to use her phone when you "forgot" yours. Then while you are texting or dialing, go through her call history. This is the fastest and free way. If you see suspicious activity then you can purchase a spy app and install it on her phone but these do not come cheap so be ready to pay upwards of $55 to $195 depending on the spy app that you purchase.

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It is better for your relationship for you to voice your concerns rather than spy on her. If she finds out, it will be the end of your relationship or a difficult journey of regaining trust.

How to track incoming call and guy ng call of mobile?

Hi, my guy track down all my call details from my mobile without direct access. is he using any app

Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone is a VisiHow article with information on how to find out if someone is spying on your phone. The best way to stop this tracking is performing a hard reset on your phone. Do not transfer any images as that could have been one way he got the app on your phone in the first place.

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He also could have snooped through your phone while you were unaware. He would have had to have access to your phone to install a spy app and track your call history. Be aware that with a spy app he sees every single thing you do on your phone. Some even have keylogger built in so change all your passwords.

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I never get to touch her Android phone and I want to see her texts and pics?

She has a Straight Talk phone. I want to see her texts and pics without ever touching her phone. I have tried: Nothing but asking her to show me. I think it was caused by: Shes a born liar and cheat. left me once for a child molester

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