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Detect a gold digger

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How to spot a gold digger man?


A gold digging man will be no different from a gold digging woman except for the fact that they are a male. They will have the same tendencies as a woman when it comes to gold digging.

1. They will constantly ask for money for different "emergencies` that come up too often for them to be know as emergencies. The money that will be asked for will increasingly get higher and higher than the previous time that they asked for money.

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2. Money will be asked for with the promise of them saying that they will pay for the money back for it will not happen at all, maybe you will get one payment back but understand that the money they are giving back will more than likely be yours in the first place.

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3. Anger will fuel them if you were to deny them money which they are expecting from you upon asking. Instead of understanding that you do not have the money to give them at the time a gold digger will not care about your circumstance and instead will be furious if you deny them money.

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4. A gold digging male will tend to not care about your appearance or what you have but will only focus on themselves in different ways. If they know its your last five dollars and you need to get something they will have no problem asking for the money to benefit them instead of you benefiting yourself.

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5. They will only love and respect you when it is convenient for them in terms of you having money to give them at that time. Without money or them getting what they want they will not show you the same love and attention.

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Is he just broke or a male gold digger?

Hi, I have dated a guy for only two months and he has asked me for money four times and airtime several times. He is educated but he doesn't have a decent job. Could he be a male gold digger. One day I was counting my coins and he was like let me have this 50.Thanks!

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