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Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You

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How to see if person is lying to you?

In business communication how to notice someone lying you


That is a question for one million dollars. People have been doing business with misinformation and deceit for a long time. However, if a person is new to business, he may display the usual lying gestures: touching the tip of his nose, speaking a lot about unimportant details on a subject, switch topics quickly to avoid prevarications, and move his eyes to left or right before answering.

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How to know if my good friend is in love with me but each time when I message him, at first he ignores, then he responds negatively but his siblings contacts me n beginning to become closer with me?

I and this guy called P was good friends till I proposed. Then, I noticed that he avoids me little by little and till he totally ignores me. But then, after quite some time his close sibling beginning to have good relationship with me, eager to know more about me, always asks question about me and my family, shows so much of concern in me. Does this connected about my good friend who sends his close sibling to find out more about me. Then why he is avoiding me instead directly confronting me? What should I take this as?

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I'm stuck with a "friend" in the "between" stage , how can I make him take one more step forward?

Okay, actually I met a guy 8 months ago , and we became good friends since then , he was "Heart broken" and he told me the whole story about his ex (which was not the case with anyone else , I mean he is not used to talk about this girl even with his closest friends). Well, I tried to help him get over her and feel better, in a friendly way !. but the problem is that he started sending mixed signals, allowing himself to be touchy and complimenting me a lot. I guess he thought that I was in love with him or something! Well days ago, we just talked about our current situation, and he told me that he's feeling sorry for me being in such relation with such a "bad" boy like him ! and if I want he can just stop talking to me or friend-zone me, he said that we can't be together because he didn't reach with me what he calls "threshold of love". . Well, I just told him that I'm not bothered being in this situation "of more than just friends but not really more than just friend", I just got used to it. I just want to know how to make him move to the next step! To leave all his fears about not loving me enough and go ahead for a new experience, a new chance for both of us (sorry for all the language mistakes , actually I'm not a native speaker)

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Hi. I am a married woman. I kind of like my friend's husband and he too kind of likes me. I want to make sure if he loves me. What do I do to know his feelings?

Please give me some information on how to know his feelings?

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Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You
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Wondering if I could get advice/opinions please. I'm not very confident & not much experience with guys also been treated bad by boys growing up & a few men in past including my dad. I asked the guy who was doing our garden out, for a bout a week he would look at me every time I took them all a drink I would look back & smile if I wasn't alone he would glance & look away in case anyone saw, on the last day I asked him if he'd like to go for a drink with me, I think he laughed nervously because he seemed shy, I just said its OK you can say no, but he said 'no no that sounds nice' & I gave him my number, 4 days later he texts me at 8 in the morning just saying hey, not who it was, so I asked, I probably answered to soon when I saw his name but all we text was how are you & what are you up to today, just 3 messages & 41 minutes & he's said nothing since, What I don't understand is why say yes to a date? I gave him the opportunity to say no/I'm with someone/not interested...he didn't say anything! Why message me at all if he was not going to make the effort to talk to me. I was not pushy when I asked him out, I was friendly, I was the same as I am in texts to get to know him Why not just ignore me altogether, I feel stupid & worthless, I had the guts to ask him & he's laughing at me & ignoring me for no reason :(?

There was a moment when we stared right at each other & I looked away but he kept staring not creepy or anything now hes saying nothing? . Thank you. I have tried: Saying hello to him & asking friends for advice. I think it was caused by: No idea

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My best guy friend of the last 13 years says he wants to be with me?

I've known him since I was 29 and he was 46. Now I'm 42 he's 58. He's been in a miserable 13 year relationship. I haven't been in one for 10 years. I haven't been sexually active for 8 years. He is my best friend and knows almost everything about me. 2 weeks ago he came over late and began talking about life, love sex between us. He wants to help me raise my 10 yr old. (I'm a single Mom)..we've been alone to be intimate, but he seems to be nervous. he won't touch me, hug me anything. I put my head on his shoulder and he apologized later for not doing anything with me. He said whats wrong with me? I said we have been friends for so long it feels awkward. I told him he can't send me sexy text messages, and then come over and sit there frozen unable to show the smallest affection. He seems to be so nervous. We've smoked pot, and had a few shots to relax. he can't seem to. He's perplexed, I'm getting more angry at this situation. I just wish things were the way they used to be. I told him last night that maybe we should just bag his whole idea. I told him its messing with my head. He doesn't want to bag it. What is this? It's making me crazy.

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A girl stares at me eventually and when I noticed it she smiles at me. Does she have a crush on me?

Today when she made her eye contact with me I lifted my eyebrows and she closed her eyes 4 times in a seductive manner.

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