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Get Rid of Chicken Pox Scars

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How to remove the black patches like scars of chickenpox?

It is from last year, and scars are on whole body of mother


If this is a skin pigmentation then you can use a skin lightening cream either homemade or pharmaceutical. Over a year of skin discoloration can be a sign of a medical illness so you should seek the advice of a medical professional to make sure that it is not something serious. Especially if you have not had the chickenpox and these just suddenly appeared. Take some lemon juice and apply it daily to a few spots to see if within a month you notice them beginning to fade lighter. Make sure to not put it on your otherwise healthy skin as that will fade there and you do not want that.

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How to remove black chickenpox scars after chickenpox very fast?

I had chickenpox 2 months back but still I have the black scars.


The methods in the VisiHow article on this page can help you fade the scars but nothing will be fast. Even after two months, your skin is still repairing and healing itself. Vitamin E, frankincense oil, and lemon juice can be applied to the areas. Leave out the lemon juice if there are any scabs still present. You do not want to apply the lemon juice to any new skin that has just healed. Spots that are firm can have lemon juice applied only.

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Hi you can call me wolf I have some questions about black chickenpox?

I was wondering if their is such a thing as black chickenpox, is their?I need to know so I can spread the word can you help me and are you a real person or just a computer. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Eating?

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Chickenpox spots can turn black before they fully heal. There is nothing necessarily called black chickenpox. It is just that some people have them turn black before the virus leaves their body.

How do I remove the black holes like orange on my skin?

I had chickenpox last month and as per elders warning, I didn't scratch the chickenpox until they go black, now there are many scars on my face making me look not so handsome. I have tried: I tried Aloe Vera gel, I bought it from the market, lemon and honey once. I think it was caused by: Scratching

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It can take up to six months for the spots to go completely away and some never do. What you are doing now is excellent with the ingredients you got from the market. Keep that up to aid in the process of healing and fading the marks.

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Get Rid of Chicken Pox Scars

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Hi..I have chickenpox and black spot and holes?

I had chickenpox 1 month ago. I got spot and holes on my face, especially on my nose. Please suggest me what to do for the spot and hole on my face.

Apply a cream with collagen in it for the dent you have right now. You may also want to look into taking a Silica supplement. As for the spots, contrubex is a great cream for lightening the marks. If you can't get that where you live then mix lemon with a carrier oil and apply it. Even Coconut or olive oil can be considered a carrier oil.

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How to remove black spot on leg?

Have black spot on leg since I was small, was because of mosquito bite and I crushed. I want my leg to be clean because can't even wear a dress

If this makes you self-conscious, a dermatologist could do several TCA peels to lighten the scar. It is only one area so should not be as expensive because of the smaller area. You also should apply a cream three times a day with 4% hydroquinone cream such as Garnier Dark Spot Overnight Peel. Products like this are sold in the skincare aisle of a drugstore or makeup boutique. You also can find products online. Keep in mind that this will not disappear overnight but will gradually become lighter.

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