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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home

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How to prepare nourishing hair oil?


This usually does not require too much of a preparation. In fact, a simple amount of olive oil on your hair can do wonders. You can do it in two ways:

  • Apply a few drops of olive oil on damp hair and leave it overnight. You rinse it off in the morning and then apply a conditioner. You will notice that your hair is shinier and easier to manage.
  • Apply olive oil on dry hair and wear a shower cap. Keep it on for about 2 hours. If you have a hair steam machine, you can use that as well to do hot oil on your hair.

How can I prepare herbal oils in home for thicker hair?


Preparing herbal oils at home to cause thicker hair is usually not that difficult to prepare. It's just a matter of knowing the type of hair you have and then identifying the most appropriate type of oil for that. In most cases, the safest to use are olive oil or coconut oil. They are known to be very good in stimulating hair growth and making one's hair healthier. They are also easy to buy, you do not need to go to any specialty store to find them. Just grab the bottles that you see on the grocery store and apply it directly onto your hair, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse off. If you do this every day, that will really help a lot. You will notice the improvement only after a few weeks.

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How to prep olive oil for hair?

Do you need to warm it or mix it with other items.


You can use olive oil in many different ways on hair. It not only is moisturizing, but promotes growth, is anti-inflammatory and can help prevent dandruff.

Ways to use olive oil or extra virgin olive oil:

  • As a pre-shampoo. This can be used on wet or dry hair. You mix together 1/4 cup of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of castor oil, and 4 drops of tea tree oil. Apply to hair for 15 minutes or longer. After application you may want to cover your hair with a shower cap or other plastic to help keep the heat in. Once appropriate time has past wash your hair as usual.
  • Heat it up. Place enough olive oil into a sturdy plastic bag and place bag into a cup of hot water. The water shouldn't be boiling, but it should be hot enough to heat up the oil in the bag to a safe level. Once the water in the cup has cooled to a tolerable level you are ready to apply the oil to your hair. Be careful as the oil may be considerably hotter than the water make sure it is not hot enough to cause burning.
  • Mask it. Olive oil and egg yolk masks are another option. Separate enough egg yolks for your hair length and add one tablespoon of olive oil for each yolk you use. Mix well and apply to dry hair. If you want you can cover your hair to help prevent the egg drying. Leave the mix on for 15-20 minutes and then you can rinse or if necessary shampoo as usual.
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How to prepare herbal anti hair loss oil?

I used to have long hair thick and black..but now I am left with fine hair ....with split ends and thinning hair....am using organic surge moisture boost shampoo now...I don't have dandruff problem am in search of a anti hair fall oil that's can be made naturally at home..please do suggest some remedies

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Our hair is coined to be a "crowning glory" and it is important to ensure that it well-nourished and taken cared of the natural way. To prepare herbal anti-hair loss oil, you can make use of 4 essential herbal oils that are commonly used to pamper the tresses such as the following:

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  • Coconut oil - This is regarded to be amongst the top oils for hair nourishment because it easily penetrates the hair shaft and seals in the moisture which results to a shiny, strong, and thick hair. This is also rich in lauric acid which is an anti-viral and antibacterial component which ensures the health of your hair leaving it soft, bouncy, and dandruff-free. Massage warm coconut oil on your hair and scalp and leave it on for 1 to 2 hours. Wash it off with a shampoo.
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  • Olive oil - This acts as an effective moisturizer and conditioner for the hair. It nourishes your hair with vitamin E. Gently massage warm olive oil on hair strands and scalp, let it stay for 1 hour, use a mild shampoo, and rinse it off.
  • Lavender oil - Aside from its calming and rejuvenating properties, lavender oil has antibacterial properties that help ward off dandruff and lice. This also increases blood circulation which ensures hair growth and vitality. Carefully massage lavender oil on your hair and scalp. Leave it overnight and then wash it off with mild shampoo.
  • Almond oil - If your hair becomes brittle and dry, almond oil proves to be an excellent treatment because it is rich in calcium, magnesium, as well as vitamin D and E. This is a great emollient which coats the hair to soften and strengthen the hair. Massage warm almond oil onto your hair and scalp, leave it on overnight, and wash it off with gentle shampoo the next day.

These essential oils can be paired with ginseng, rosemary, Aloe Vera, sage, neem, burdock, and Indian gooseberry to reap maximum hair and scalp benefits. These herbs are known to strengthen hair follicles and stimulates hair growth to combat hair loss in both men and women.

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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home
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How to make homely Ayurvedic hair oil?

Once, I had a lot of thick and long hair, but I lost it due to bad weather. I want to regain my old beautiful hair. Please help me,sir.

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I am an African woman from Kenya looking to make ayurvedic oil for hair use for dry breaking hair. Please kindly help me, I am at my wits end?

Ayurvedic oil damaged natural hair use

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Does Ayurvedic oil help to reduce hair fall, if yes then what are the ingredients to prepare it?

My hair fall is increasing like from 30 hair per day to 50 hair and 60 hair... I want to use a herbal oil to control it. Presently I am using olive oil to massage my scalp. please help

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I am looking for an oil recipe for detoxification/aurvedic massage?

On your site a lot of wonderful recipes, but they are all dedicated to hair. I'm looking for a simple recipe for an oil massage of the whole body.

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Hi I made hair oil but I have gray hair problem. What should I use?

Hi I made hair oil but I have gray hair problem. What should I use?

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How to make ayurvedic oil with real jasmine flowers?

Hello sir, how are you? I have hair fall and gray hair, of course I am 35. I have real jasmine real roses, fresh curry leaves with me, can I make oil by combining all these with coconut oil. My mom used to do that when I was very young, I forgot how to prepare them all together

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