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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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How to open my Android tab,,I forgot my email and password?

I cannot open my tab......I forgot everything..I need your help, what I do


If you have forgotten all of your information for you device you will only be left with the option to perform a Hard Reset on the device in order to gain access back to your device. Refer to the article below for more information.

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As per recommendation to the above suggestion. You need to reset the Tablet to the default values and this will delete/wipe data in the internet storage only, but all other apps, documents and other stuff will be left if they are being installed or saved to your SD card. It is best that you try to recall the email and password and if you cannot recall what it was then reset will be the option.

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What you are going to need to do once you have forgotten your password and email for your device is perform a Hard Reset on your device. When performing the Hard Reset the device will lose all of its memory and also will no longer require you to have to enter a password to get into the device.

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Also with this device I would need to know the name in order to be able to give you the proper information in regards to how to Hard Reset the device:

Generic steps for a Hard Reset

-Power off device

-Hold Volume up + power

-On the boot menu release the buttons

-Use the volume keys to highlight the Factory Reset option

-Press the power button to make the selection

-After this use the volume buttons to highlight the reboot device option

-Press the power button to make the selection to reboot your device

This will reset all data on your device causing you to no longer need a password to enter the device

I forgot the pattern to open my Android tab. How can I open it?

I made an intricate pattern as my password for my tab- which I unfortunately, do not know the brand. When I opened t the next time, I could not access it anymore. I forgot the pattern that I made.


Hopefully, you set up a Google Account either in Google Play, Gmail or YouTube. Keep attempting until you get the option to login with your Google Account. If you do not know your account, you can find out with Google Accounts Authority. Since you do not know your tablet make or model, try hard resetting with the generic hard reset instructions. Most tablets, you hold Home, Power and Volume + or -. If your tablet is a Polaroid, you will have to update the firmware through the Southern Telecom website. If you access the back of your tablet by taking off the cover, usually above or under the battery is the device make and model.

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I have set a password to lock my screen and I forgot it, its a droid Razr M and I don't want it to Factory Reset how can I unlock it?

Phone has a password lock that I forgot, I have a Google account but its not bringing up a thing that says forgot password

It can sometimes take 20 attempts to enter the password until you get the Forget Password Prompt. The Droid Razr M is one phone that you can access if someone calls you.

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    Call your phone from another phone, answer it but do not hang up!
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    Press the clear button to get into your phone while on that "call".
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  3. 3
    Access Settings.
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  4. 4
    Go to Account Settings and create a new Gmail account.
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  5. 5
    If you are asked to Sync the account then ignore that message.
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  6. 6
    Restart your phone and log in with the new account on your phone.
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  7. 7
    Go back to Settings and remove the new account.
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  8. 8
    Make sure your old Gmail is still there before deleting the new account.
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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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I have a Lenovo TAB A10-70 I need to unlock?

I have a tablet as I listed above. I put a password lock on it and cannot remember the password. I am looking for a way to unlock the tablet so I can use it. I will not put a password back on it. Can you help?

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Click the Forgot Password prompt or the sign in with your Google Account. You can then access the tablet without hard resetting as long as the tablet accepts your Google Account credentials. If it does not, you will have to hard reset your Lenovo TAB A10-70.

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I cannot unlock my tab, I need your help asap?

Forgot my pattern, forgot my email address? tab not unlocking. Don't even know the model name because I bought it from some cheap market. Please help. I need information on how to unlock this. I have also tried the holding power button and volume button but to no use

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Go to Google Accounts Authority to get your email and password which you forgot. You can find out the make and model by pulling the back off to get to the battery. As stated above hard resetting with tablets usually means that you have to hold Home, Power, and the Volume - or +.

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How to break up a forgotten password in Android tab?

I didn't use my tab for a long time so I forgot my tab password

Either with your Google Account or hard resetting will allow you to access your tablet. Since you have not used it in a long time, you may as well hard reset it and start with a fresh tablet.

My Tab2 is locked by my pass-code which I forgot can you help me?

Tab is locked with a pass-code which I installed and now forgot it. I cannot access my Tab

If you registered with Samsung, you may be able to unlock through Samsung's Find My Mobile. Otherwise, it is either unlock with your Google Account or hard reset the tablet.

How do I reboot Galaxy Tab 3? Without username pass or backup pin?

I'm trying to reset my Galaxy Tab 3 before the backup pin and info aren't working, but I'm stuck in "ODIN mode"

If your tablet gets stuck in ODIN Mode, hold the Power Button down for 10-20 seconds. If it still will not exit ODIN Mode, let your tablet drain the battery and then process the Hard Reset again if it did not finish before the battery died. Some people have success flashing a blank file onto the tablet to get it out of ODIN but it does not work 100%.

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How do I unlock my tab 4 don't know password or pin?

Tab 4 is locked don't know pin. is there away to unlock

Click the Forgot Password prompt and login with your Google Account credentials. If you registered the tablet with Samsung, you may be able to unlock with Find My Mobile but your WiFi would have to be enabled on the tablet.

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I hadn't used my Galaxy Tablet 7.0 in a while?

Now when I turned it on, the password screen looks different and it is not accepting my "unlock" password. I do not know what to do.. I have tried: Turn off and turn back on. I think it was caused by: Long time since last use.

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Just hard reset the Tablet. You have let it sit for a long period of time and wiping the tablet and then checking for any updates within Settings can refresh the tablet.

How to flash my tablet a35 k-lite phablet?

I am using A35 K-LITE PHABLET, but it won't accept hard reset and the only option is the emergency dialer no other option, I have tried all methods but still doesn't work

Try the code (*#*#7780#*#* ) to hard reset your A35 K-Lite. The Stock ROM is found here. First, you should try the hard reset though which you can see this Youtube Tutorial.

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