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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)

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How to Mega Evolve in Pokemon Platinum Light?

Because I like to see or play a Mega Evolved Pokemon.


Unfortunately, there are no cheats for Pokemon Platinum Light on the Visual Boy Advance emulator that allow you to Mega Evolve a Pokemon. You will have to play through the game normally in order to Evolve your Pokemon.

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How to evolve Pokemon dude tell me charizard only please?

How to mega evolve Charizard so I don't rage quit


This YouTube Tutorial show you how to Mega Evolve Charizard in Pokemon X and Y. No need to rage quit!

Where we can do mega evolve? I do get that stone to mega evolve the Charizard?

I want to mega evolve my Charizard


You can get the stone to mega evolve at Vernal Avenue Stone Emporium in Lumiose City. You can also mega evolve by choosing Charmander as your second, second.

I want cheats of all mega stones?

All types of mega stones.I want its cheats in Pokemon light platinum GBA version

The cheat codes for Pokemon Light Platinum are listed in the VisiHow article on this page.

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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)
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I want to find a mega stone or a cheat of mega stone because I have seen a video of using a cheat?

Where to find mega stone or a cheat of mega stone

Go back to the video on YouTube. Where the poster got the codes is usually listed in the About section of the video.

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Mega evolution in Pokemon mega power?

Mega stone details and list of Pokemon

This YouTube Tutorial has walkthroughs for Pokemon Mega Power using cheat codes. The cheat codes list link is listed in the comment section of the video.

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What Pokemons GBA have mega evolution?

What Pokemons GBA have mega evolution

If you are referring to Pokemon Light Platinum, then there are no Pokemon that can go through mega evolution. Mega evolution is not available on the earlier titles like Ruby (Light Platinum), which was, along with Sapphire, released in 2002. Mega evolution was introduced in Pokemon X and Y (after Ruby, which is Light Platinum in 2013.

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