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Play PSP Games on PC using PPSSPP Emulator

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How to map keyboard control on PPSSPP?

I have a problem with using analog controller when I want to play assassins creed bloodlines, the game needs to use the analog controller, and I don't know how to map the key control on keyboard? (sorry if my English is bad)

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Please do the following to map the Keyboard Controls in PPSSPP

  • On your keyboard, Press "Esc" button once Assassins Creed Bloodlines has started.
  • An options menu will appear.
  • Click "Game Settings".
  • Click "Controls".
  • Select "Control Mapping".
  • You can now map your keyboard controls.
  • Press "Esc" again once you're done mapping the keyboard controls.
  • That's it.

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How to make the nice graphic in the PPSSPP?

How to setting the PPSSPP graphics to get the best graphics ?


Bear in mind that this emulator is a work in progress, and the developers are still fixing bugs and making improvements. With that said, you can also play around with the app's graphics settings to get the most out of certain games. Here's an example setting I used for Soul Calibur:

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Mode: Buffered Rendering

Frame skipping: 2 (Auto is sometimes very slow, but I use it as default on most games)

Prevent FPS from exceeding 60: on

Post-processing shader: Bloom

Stretch to display + Mipmapping: on

Rendering Resolution: 3xPSP

Hardware transform + Vertex Cache + Vertex Decoder Jit: on

Low quality splines: off

Texture scaling options:

Nothing changed

Anisotropic filtering: 8x

Texture filter: Auto

H a c k settings options:

Nothing enabled (when on it caused graphical issues)

Do I need a controller to play PPSSPP on my Laptop?

I cannot seem to find the controls


You can use your keyboard for this, but there are also some external controllers that you can buy, in case that feels more comfortable to use. However, most people just use the keyboard for their main control because it's rather convenient.

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