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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You

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How to make him feel so loved even if he's far away?

I don't know how to express my feelings aside from saying "I love you". I have tried: I'm sending him sweet messages. I think it was caused by: Awkwardness lol


This VisiHow article 50 I Love You Text Messages to Send Your Boyfriend has some great suggestions on messages you can send him. If you feel awkward, consider sending flirty and funny messages.

How to make my boyfriend love me and call me daily?

As I am a nursing student I stay out of state for studies, I have a long distance with my boyfriend as we have met 2 months ago, and now I'm far away, our relationship is new, just 2 months and he is ignoring me when I came from my studies, what should I do to make him miss me or call as he is tells me I deserve someone better, go and find someone better than me, why? I have tried: I call him so many times, I speak nicely but he never calls. I think it was caused by: He is chatting with others, he has another Facebook account too, and he never calls me cause I am far away, I think I'm ugly fat and he doesn't like me, that is it

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First of all, stop demeaning yourself by saying that you are ugly and fat. He walked away because he lacks strength and character and not because of how you look. Studies have been shown how a woman's confidence is far more attractive to men than beauty. The second Facebook account suggests he is hiding something or someone. Move on and consider yourself lucky that you did not establish and even longer relationship with this person.

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Hi, just wanted to know what are the tips to make my boyfriend love me more?

What can I do or tips to make our relation stronger?


The VisiHow article Strengthen Your Relationship has some great tips on how to make your relationship stay romantic and strong. Always remember to appreciate your boyfriend. Over time we can fall into a relationship rut and take our partners for granted.

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We never see each other yet how will I know if my LDR boyfriend loves me?

From the very beginning, we have never seen each other yet. We are both busy studying and we are just keeping our relationship through texting, calling and chatting, Sometimes he never tries to communicate with me and when he does he only leaves few words. I love him so much but how will I know that he loves me too?. I have tried: I always send him a message that reminds him how much I love him.. I think it was caused by: The first problem is his hobby on playing Dota and maybe he is too confident enough that I will never leave him because I understand him .

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Feeling neglected in a Long Distance Relationship is normal. Your boyfriend has interests that keep him busy so perhaps you should consider restarting a hobby or hanging out with friends more. This way when you get a message from him it is delightful instead of sitting there staring at the phone waiting.

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Many people in long distance relationships play games online together. Or schedule Skype date nights on a regular basis. Since you have never met each other in person, plan something to meet him over a school break. This way you can have something to focus on when you feel lonely.

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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You
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Hello sir, I just want to know whether my boyfriend loves me or not?

He doesn't want to be physically involved, and says I don't text him and miss him too much, you should have to focus on your career, what should I do? How can I know that he misses me?. I have tried: I have tried many times. I think it was caused by: His hidden love for me

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He wants to take things slowly. This is actually a good sign that he is serious about your relationship. Schedule messages to send to him. You can use a message scheduler app from Google Play. Load it with messages to be sent to him three times a day. If he asks then you can say that you are focusing on your career but also making time for him throughout the day.

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We're newly couple, how to make my boyfriend loves me more?

Sometimes I'm shy to say sweet text like "I love you." maybe because my instincts say that what if he doesn't really love me? I would just look obsessed to him. Is it a good start of our relationship? or it's really bad?. I have tried: Telling hi that I missing him.. and asked him where he is. I think it was caused by: No problem so far, just a bit doubt about his love to me

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You are in the beginning of your relationship together. You do not have to say you love him, instead show him how much you care about him. Each of you is learning how the other expresses love. It is not always verbally. It might be the way he texts you Good Morning every day or how he calls you right before he goes to bed. Take time to notice the small things and not the bigger picture.

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What can I do for my fiancee staying in another state to show how much I love him?

My fiancee and I do not stay in the same state, I know he loves me but I often think of what to do for him, I really want to do something for him to show him how much I love him. He feels scared sometimes, thinking I'm a very beautiful lady and he is not around to protect me. Thanks. I have tried: Texting and calling!

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Make him a care package to send. It can be a batch of cookies that you bake and put in a tin. Add some of his favorite small items like a gift card to his favorite store or coffee place. Then mail it out and wait. Little surprises like that will show him that you care deeply for him and he is always on your mind.

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I want my boyfriend to love me and know that I love him a lot more than other girls do how can I do that?

I love my boyfriend so much .hes the only guy I have loved so we have a lot of misunderstandings at times its like he doesn't trust me with male friends and I also embarrassed him in front of his friends and have compared him with his common friend but I was so sorry I did it out of annoyance and it was a mistake ever since then things has not been going on well I still love him I want him to love me d way he did before I want him to be the only man in my life cause I so much love him and the thoughts of me losing him scares me to death how can I do that ..I really love him like my life but I don't really know about him I believe he loves me a lot but its like I annoy him a lot how can I make us perfect together. I just want him to regain trust and love with me. I want him to know that there is no other girl on earth that would love him like I do. I have tried: I have tried apologizing ,I tried making him happy ,I sent a twerk video to him cause he has always wanted that, I call him every time on the phone to check up on him. I think it was caused by: Well, anger and maybe lack of trust or understanding

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