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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You

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How to make him feel so loved even if he's far away?

I don't know how to express my feelings aside from saying "I love you". I have tried: I'm sending him sweet messages. I think it was caused by: Awkwardness lol


This VisiHow article 50 I Love You Text Messages to Send Your Boyfriend has some great suggestions on messages you can send him. If you feel awkward, consider sending flirty and funny messages.

Hi, just wanted to know what are the tips to make my boyfriend love me more?

What can I do or tips to make our relationship stronger?


The VisiHow article Strengthen Your Relationship has some great tips on how to make your relationship stay romantic and strong. Always remember to appreciate your boyfriend. Over time we can fall into a relationship rut and take our partners for granted.

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We never see each other yet how will I know if my LDR boyfriend loves me?

From the very beginning, we have never seen each other yet. We are both busy studying and we are just keeping our relationship through texting, calling and chatting, Sometimes he never tries to communicate with me and when he does he only leaves few words. I love him so much but how will I know that he loves me too?. I have tried: I always send him a message that reminds him how much I love him.. I think it was caused by: The first problem is his hobby on playing Dota and maybe he is too confident enough that I will never leave him because I understand him.

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Feeling neglected in a Long Distance Relationship is normal. Your boyfriend has interests that keep him busy so perhaps you should consider restarting a hobby or hanging out with friends more. This way when you get a message from him it is delightful instead of sitting there staring at the phone waiting.

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Many people in long distance relationships play games online together. Or schedule Skype date nights on a regular basis. Since you have never met each other in person, plan something to meet him over a school break. This way you can have something to focus on when you feel lonely.

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Hello sir, I just want to know whether my boyfriend loves me or not?

He doesn't want to be physically involved, and says I don't text him and miss him too much, you should have to focus on your career, what should I do? How can I know that he misses me? I have tried: I have tried many times. I think it was caused by: His hidden love for me

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He wants to take things slowly. This is actually a good sign that he is serious about your relationship. Schedule messages to send to him. You can use a message scheduler app from Google Play. Load it with messages to be sent to him three times a day. If he asks then you can say that you are focusing on your career but also making time for him throughout the day.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you in a long distance relationship

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Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed with You
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I want my boyfriend to love me and know that I love him a lot more than other girls would. How can I do that?

I love my boyfriend so much. He's the only guy I have loved. We have a lot of misunderstandings and at times its like he doesn't trust me with male friends. I also embarrassed him in front of his friends but I was so sorry I did it out of annoyance and it was a mistake. Ever since then things have not been going well. I still love him. I want him to love me the way he did before. I want him to be the only man in my life because the thoughts of me losing him scares me to death. How can I do that? ..I really love him like my life but I don't really know about him. I believe he loves me a lot but it's like I annoy him. How can I make us perfect for each other? I just want him to regain trust and love with me. I want him to know that there is no other girl on earth that would love him like I do. I have tried: I have tried apologizing, I tried making him happy, I sent a twerk video to him cause he has always wanted that, I call him every time on the phone to check up on him. I think it was caused by: Well, anger and maybe lack of trust or understanding

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He should have forgiven you by now. You have done everything you could to say sorry to him. If he is unwilling to forgive you for such a small transgression then it shows that he is not ready to be in a long term serious relationship. All you can do now is wait for him to lick his wounds and heal. We only feel what we want to feel so you can try to love him as much as you can but he will only receive the love that he wants to. If you tell him you love him more than any other girl ever will, he may translate it as he is not lovable and should be happy you settled for him.

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Why do I feel that he still loves me even after we broke up and he is with another girl?

My ex boyfriend cheated on me, but I know he doesn't love that girl. He admitted that. Now it has been 4 years not together and he's with that girl, but why I don't feel angry at him? Why do I feel that he still loves me? Sometimes I feel that he's thinking of me. Honestly, I'm looking at an article about this feeling, and I want an answer if possible. Thank you if you will help me because all I know that he doesn't love that girl. I have tried: I tried always asking myself, asking a sign if why I feel like this, I tried to meet him, I tried to confront him but I can't. I think it was caused by: I'm always thinking about the right answer, I'm always thinking if I still love him,

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Four years have passed and you did not have proper closure on the relationship. Realize that he is still with the girl that he told you he had no feelings for. While he may not have at the time, he definitely does now. He has been in a committed relationship with her for 4 years so he is emotionally invested in it.

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What you are feeling is a coping mechanism and not real. You are projecting your feelings of being left by him as love. Your feelings that he still loves you is just you trying to console yourself. Have you been in other relationships since you broke up with him? If not, it is time to move on with your life and start looking for someone who will love you. He cheated on you and does not deserve a single second more of your thoughts.

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