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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home

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How to make hibiscus flower paste for hair?

I would like to know the process of making a paste out of the hibiscus flower.


To make a paste out of your hibiscus flowers, you will need both the hibiscus flowers and the leaves from the plant. From there, you will need to crush both of them together, adding olive oil and water very sparingly during the crushing process. Once the leaves and flowers are crushed and they are in your desired consistency, you're done: you have successfully made hibiscus flower paste that you can use as shampoo in your hair. Keep the shampoo in your hair for around 15-20 minutes so it has time to absorb into your scalp and hair. If you take it out earlier than that, the paste won't have any effect on your hair. You will also want to keep up with putting the paste in your hair every day for a week. This should give you shiny black hair as a result of the shampoo's active ingredients. If you aren't getting your desired results, you may want to talk to your doctor about other prescription shampoos that would work for you to get your hair back to its original state.

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How to use hibiscus to get smooth and long hair?

I have a very dry hair and growth is also not that much.


Treat your hair with coconut oil for 30 minutes three times a week. Saturate your hair in the oil and then wash out the oil after the minimum 30 minutes but you also could leave this in overnight and wash in the morning. Hibiscus, fenugreek and Argan Oil are all great for dry hair and length. Do not brush your hair when it is wet as that can cause severe breakage to the strands.

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100% Herbal Hair Loss Treatment?

I want formula about making 100% Herbal Hair Loss Treatment oil.


The VisiHow article on this page has some great natural Hair Loss solutions and here are some more natural remedies for hair loss:

Can I use hibiscus for hair having following problems?

I am having very split ends, dry, brownish hairs. Can I use hibiscus for these problems?

Yes, but will coconut oil or another skin/hair oil concentrating on those split ends. You may just have to trim that hair off because nothing really heals split ends but you can get a hair cut and begin treating the ends of your hair better with oils.

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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home
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Hibiscus for hair growing and softening?

Hi, I have a rough and dry hair, can this hibiscus paste help me sort out this problem

The paste will soften your hair much like a deep conditioner would.

Can I use Hibiscus Leaves/Flower powder with any shampoo?

Where can I find Hibiscus leaves powder in the USA? Can I mix leaves/flower powder to any shampoo? Is it safe? What is its use on Hair?

You can buy the powder online in the US through retailers like Amazon and many nutrition stores and health food sections also carry the powder in the supplements area.

How often should I use the hibiscus treatment?

My hair is thinning, I'm of African decent, I need longer, thicker hair. Can I use the hibiscus treatment, how often can I use the treatment and how long does it take to see results

You can use the treatment but also look into almond oil and coconut oil for hair treatments as a daily regimen. It takes about 6 weeks to see results.

I want to grow hair on my bald head?

I want to grow hair on my bald head. I lost it all completely.

Stop and Reverse Massive Hair Loss in a VisiHow article that can help you. First determine what caused the hair loss so that you can treat it for the specific reason.

Is Gumamela flower really proved to stimulate hair growth?

Sir, we are having our science investigatory project and we need to find related studies that prove the effectiveness of Gumamela flower extract as hair growth stimulant.

The Gumamela flower is the hibiscus flower and yes it works as a wonderful hair growth stimulant.

Can dry hibiscus flower tea be used for hair and scalp for benefits mentioned?

I have dried hibiscus flower can this be used for hair and scalp?

The tea can be used if it is all natural.

How to preserve it in order to make it last so I can use it?

We made a Gumamela extract for our hair in order to be shiny, but we observed that this did not last long. We want to have an idea on how to preserve it so it can be use any time without bad smells. I have tried: none .. This time. I think it was caused by: I think its thick or jelly of the leaves of Gumamela

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Freeze the jelly and see if you can thaw it out and it is still true to the form it was previously. Otherwise the oil may harden below 37F like olive oil does.,

I lost so much hair due to salt water. What to do now?

Lost hair on the top portion and sides, help.. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Salt water

Salt water dries out the scalp and hair so you need to rehydrate those areas and use the hibiscus hair mask.

What is the author's full name? the one who conducted the research?

Hello Garen, good day!. I'm in the middle of creating a research paper and I just would like to know who was the one who had the idea about hibiscus paste. would appreciate you help. thanks. I'm not in any of the conditions I'm just conducting a research study

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