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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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How to look at your girlfriends text messages that's not an Android or ipod?


You can download mspy which works on nearly all Operating Systems. You can also download a software from mobile-spy.com on your Windows PC and read the messages on the computer. However, it would be a good idea to trust your girlfriend and talk it out with her.

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The only thing that you can do is literally peek through her phone to see the messages. What's good with non-Android or ipod phones is that there are usually no passwords to lock the phone. Therefore, it would be much easier for you to open the phone and scroll through the messages. However, keep in mind that this may be something that your girlfriend would not want if she finds out. It may be more worthwhile to talk to her instead.

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How do I read all my sons texts without him knowing?


The easier way out would be to do it when he is asleep. Other than that, use apps such as mspy, GPS tracker, bosspy and mobile-spy.com. Try using kids place app as well. It doesn't always works for SMS's.

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In order to perform this action you will need to download a text message monitoring application or spy application so that you can monitor his messages/phone details secretly. Also in this action understand that you will need to download the application directly to his phone in order for you to use the application successfully. If he is using an Android application then you can download the application SMS Tracker from the application store for free use.

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How to your boyfriend's or girlfriend's message sent to your phone as well as their phone?


You can use Stealth Genie and Family360. The difference between the two applications is that Stealth Genie works one way and will function without having your boyfriend or girlfriend know that you are monitoring them while Family360 is a two-way sharing application that will need your partner's approval. You can find more applications to use in the article below.

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The only way to do that would be to install some for of spy app onto their phone. This is not easy and not recommended. If you are the person who owns the phones you can get a record of the texts from the phone company.

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Can mobistealth monitor Kik messages?

No, this software will only track the messages in bytes rather than getting you the full message details because it is an application that uses data rather than the standard texting options on your phone.

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No, being that Kik is an application which uses data you will not be able to track the messages in the device. Also there are no other applications that will be able to monitor data to reveal its contents in full detail.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I need to read my girlfriend's text messages. I know she's been cheating on me, caught her, she promised to stop, but I believe she never stopped?

She has an Alcatel 5035e. I tried mobiledit forensic but I can't get it to connect. My girlfriend says she's done cheating but I notice HIS number is the most frequently used number on her phone. She denies everything, of course.

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What you should do is gather the evidences that will prove her infidelity (if she is)

  • Do a screenshot or take a picture of the said phone records you saw, do the same for the messages, if you can.
  • If it is true that your girlfriend is no longer cheating, you must know all passwords of her accounts (phone, email etc). If she hesitates, she's probably hiding something

  • She must let you touch her phone (with her permission of course)

  • Ask around. Particularly people that are always around her, ask if they know her usual hang outs and the people she hangs out with often (other than you)

  • You can use a program called Mobile Spy which can infiltrate her phone's data so you can check if she is indeed cheating. Unfortunately, this comes with a monthly fee and you need to install the app on her phone as well. You can check and download the app/software here:


NOTE: Spying can be punishable by law as it invades someone's privacy. She can use this against you.

This device is an Android device and you can in fact download an application to your girlfriends called SMS Tracker. This application will need to be downloaded to your girlfriends device through the Google Play store.

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Can I check my sprint text messages online?

Yes, you can visit the website www.sprint.com and from there you will be able to log into your account so that you can make changes or view your usage details. If you do not have an online sprint account then you can register on the site below so that you can begin checking your messages that you have received on your device:

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Visit the link above and enter your information to register on the Sprint website.

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When monitoring family text on t mobile what messages do you see?

The only thing you will get to see is the number it was sent to, the date and time it was sent and the cost (if there is any). Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the message itself. You can only be able to check those information online or through your monthly bill. You can try the program called Mobile Spy to help you monitor you child's mobile phone use. You can have access to the following:

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Social Media Apps

However, it comes with a monthly fee and it guarantees to work 100%. You can check what mobile spy can offer you here:


How can I see my son's messages, Facebook and social networks?

Apps, or something, or my phone company

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I was wondering if I could have them routed to my home computer so I could see what he was saying and what type of pic he was sending to this one number

I want to be able to see what my boyfriend is texting and what is being texted back pics and all on my home computer without him knowing. I have tried: Nothing really. I think it was caused by: He just text this 20 yr old a lot

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I want to sneak into her cellphone via remote?

I doubt she has a guy, she may be lying to me, and I want to know the truth

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