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Identify you are in a rebound relationship

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How long do rebound relationships last?


After breaking up with a long-time boyfriend or girlfriend, you enter into a new relationship right after the ending. People in this kind of relationship may think that they now found love that is the kind of love they have been waiting for all along. How long do these relationships last? It really depends on the people involved. It could take some time before they determine whether it is a serious relationship or not. Some rebound relationships last for weeks, some for months, and other may even take a year. When the relationship lasts long-term, it is often only because the person who entered into the relationship as a rebound still isn't ready to be alone. He or she may develop real feelings of love, or may stick in the relationship out of companionship.

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There is no definite time on how long a rebound relationship will last. A rebound relationship can last from a couple of days to years that lead up to marriage. It all depends on the chemistry of the two people in the rebound relationship.

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Identify you are in a rebound relationship

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