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Identify you are in a rebound relationship

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How to know if your ex boyfriend is in a rebound relationship for money and how long it will last?


There are a couple of things to consider before claiming an ex-partner is in a rebound relationship, and much more to declare that the purpose is for the love of money. Watch out for these red flags if you want to know if it's a money-rebound or not:

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  • He's in the relationship because it's financially convenient, or simply more convenient for him. To answer this, think about how financially incapable your ex-boyfriend is and whether the new partner actually supports him. Even if the new partner has more resources, and if the ex can't use it, then it doesn't count. You'd first have to figure out his actual motives for being in the relationship: Does the new girlfriend provide food, shelter or a daily allowance? Does she own property he could use, like a restaurant he could treat his friends to on a daily basis? Do they have an arrangement that if the new partner dies or something happens, your ex-boyfriend will get a lot from her?
  • He's seeing other girls on the side, but is keeping the wealthier one for the financial benefit. Nothing indicates a rebound relationship more than not being serious at all. A guy who dates different girls aside from the girl that he's currently with definitely does not want to settle down for something serious yet. If he dates other girls and still keeps seeing the wealthier partner for the perks (i.e. free rides in a limo every night, her fat bank account he has access to any time he pleases, VIP passes to special events, etc.), then there is a problem there.
  • He jumps from one relationship to another. If he jumps from one well-off lady to another well-off lady, then your hunches might be right. A guy who's only looking for money by being in a relationship will never be satisfied, so as soon as he figures he's tired with the current sugar mama, he goes to another one who can provide better things and more.
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As for how long will a relationship last between the user (ex-boyfriend) and the used (new girlfriend), no one can really tell. Some last for years, and others for just months. There's a big possibility that the girl knows she's just being used but doesn't mind because she's enjoying it and she's getting something in return. There's an even bigger possibility that the guy, insatiable as he is, will just look for more relationships like this until he finds that one person who will make him realize that the love between them is all that matters. You should also consider the sexual attraction that they have, as this could also lead to longer relationship span, as well as the new partner's determination to try harder to work things out.

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From my experience with witnessing this situation there are two things for you to look for in his new relationship which will be:

1. Check if the person they are dealing with has a good amount of money

2. Check if they are indulging in a lot of activities that involve them having to use money or more money than they are used to spending on different activities. They will flaunt there activities more and more often than usual.

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How long do rebound relationships last?


After breaking up with a long-time boyfriend or girlfriend, you enter into a new relationship right after the ending. People in this kind of relationship may think that they now found love that is the kind of love they have been waiting for all along. How long do these relationships last? It really depends on the people involved. It could take some time before they determine whether it is a serious relationship or not. Some rebound relationships last for weeks, some for months, and other may even take a year. When the relationship lasts long-term, it is often only because the person who entered into the relationship as a rebound still isn't ready to be alone. He or she may develop real feelings of love, or may stick in the relationship out of companionship.

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There is no definite time on how long a rebound relationship will last. A rebound relationship can last from a couple of days to years that lead up to marriage. It all depends on the chemistry of the two people in the rebound relationship.

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Identify you are in a rebound relationship

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