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Make Your Boss Fall in Love with You

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How to know if my manager is falling in love with me?

Is my boss falling for me? How can I know for sure?


The workplace is often stressful, and close. This makes the development of attractions at work something that are more likely to develop than elsewhere. However, work relationships, while often heated and passionate affairs, can sometimes end in one or both of you losing your jobs. However, that's not always the case.

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For your situation, you should observe how your boss interacts with other women in the office. Look for these key indicators:

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    Does he stand close to other women
    IF he is standing closer to you than other women, this is an unconscious sign of his attraction and irresistible desire to be close to you, without breaking the code of your professional environment.
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    Does he look directly at other people, but look away from you
    Take note of how he looks at other people in the workplace. If he's looking them in the eye but looks away from you when he makes eye contact, that's another strong sign. It means he's afraid to lose his train of thought when his mind starts uncontrollably thinking about you.
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    Is he willing to help everyone or does he do extra for you
    If he goes out of his way to help you, it's a sure sign that he's interested in you. However, he's probably not willing to cross professional lines, which means he's a good boss.
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What you can do is compliment him, and see how he reacts. Don't tell him that he 'looks nice' or anything as simple as that. Instead, tell him that you're always impressed at how his shirts are always so crisp and well pressed, or something similar. The key here is not to compliment him like a woman, and not to be direct in remarking on his appearance. He'll be uncomfortable with that. Instead, by using words like 'impressed', you are appealing to his male ego, and letting him know that he 'impresses' people - but you aren't saying directly that you find him impressive.

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You can also ask for his help, and then tie a compliment into his solution. Don't just say 'thank you.' Instead, say something like, 'It's so reassuring to have you here to help with these things. No one else can fix things quite the way you are. I guess that's why you're the boss!"

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While that may sound silly, it's not. You're letting him know that you recognize and admire his ability to help and that he does a better job of helping than anyone else. This leads to your trust of him, and you're adding your comment that he 'reassures' you. In the language of love, that comment translates to, "Having you around is so reassuring. I find your ability to take charge and get things done to be very attractive."

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The difference is that if you said that to him, it would be uncomfortable for him, as he would feel forced to answer your remarks. The other way, you are praising him, and then ending it with a joke - so that he can laugh and joke too, accepting your compliment without being uncomfortable. He'll feel better, and you'll be able to draw him in even closer.

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He is 50 and I am 58. both single, abut I am his secretary?

I have a heavy duty crush on him. He talks to me very confining at times. I can't tell him how I feel, but he and I get along very well. This is a very hard thing to admit to him. I love every day with him, and we have fun all day. I don't know what to do.

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How can I become a lovely person for all people?

I mean what makes me a lovely one?


That is a million-dollar question. Once a lot of people start to like a person, many others unite in their mutual negative feeling against the person. The more he or she is loved and popular, the more he or she is getting in trouble with others. Envious and fastidious people will activate all of their resources to find fault with the person. However, there are basic rules to be a lovely person, regardless of one' gender.

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  • Always listen to the person attentively who is expressing his or her thoughts to you.
  • Ask relevant questions and show interest, even if you are not: remember that some knowledge will be useful even if it is seems like a trifle to you.
  • Dress-code should highlight your best features. Do not wear baggy pants if you know that you can put on a good skirt or jeans. Elegant articles of clothing can always show you from your best side. Develop your style and be faithful to it: people may not appreciate it if you pretend that you are someone else when you appear at a music show in clothes that you will never wear in real life.
  • Poise and bearing. Keep your back and head straight. Work on your walk and confidence in manners.
  • Opinions. We all have opinions, but try not to express yours unless you are specifically asked about it. If the topic is about politics, religion, or personal tastes, you may wish to avoid the conversation. You may answer: "Let us not talk about these topics right now. They are personal and may cause disagreement". Most people will understand that. These topics may lead to fissures between opinions.
  • People who shout at you (at work). Do not shout back, but show that you are not just letting the person do it. Politely and quietly ask the person to speak calmly. It may cause the bully to be irritated, but he will think about avoiding the situation in the future; and others will see you as a person.
  • If you promise something, do it. Be punctual and responsible. Do not forget your duties.
  • Smile and be willing to communicate at the level of the speaker.
  • You do not have to be open-minded, but you have to show that you excel at what you do. For example, people will value an engineer who can work on building electricity for their houses but who is not able to listen to their favorite songs in their houses, rather than someone who just agrees with them on everything.
  • Be polite and helpful. If someone drops a pen, pick it up and say something nice.
  • Show your character sometimes. You may be not nice to a person and seem nicer to others. This is unavoidable, for example, when a man harasses a woman in the street; and you help the woman. Being nice to everyone in this situation may only cause harm.
  • Be intelligent. You do not need to show your knowledge and intellect to everyone, but it may be good to back up your points of view with some historical and scientific references. Always construct your sentences well and make them as long or short as the situation requires. If your sentence seems incomplete or not logical, either find a resolution or apologize and start over.
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Hi, I like my manager, how can I get him attracted to me, I'm very shy?

I noticed he likes to come close to smell my scent and I feel attracted to my boss. How can I make him ask me for my number?. I have tried: Nothing except wear a nice perfume. I think it was caused by: I think he is open but I'm working

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