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Write an E-Mail for a Meeting Invitation

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Formal meeting request letter to KFC head office?

I am trying to bring over a patent product from overseas to get them distributed to franchises such as KFC, need to write a meeting request letter... Can you help me with that?


To Whom it is Concerned,

Our company, (Company Name), has developed a product tailored towards use in (Company Name). Included in this informational packet is our Business profile and product list. We would love to arrange a meeting with you to discuss how we can partner the product with your company in the future. Please let us know of your availability so that we can arrange a meeting.

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You will want to include that business profile outlining your company, the products and manufacturing details such as stock available.

How to get positive responses for meeting request?

More positive replies for accepting a quick call or meeting


Make sure all the necessary information is provided. You can politely ask for confirmation with a phone call or reply email but always mention why you need the meeting so that the email or letter does not get dismissed as spam.

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We are visiting Australia to attend some event, can you please suggest the best way to email prospects to meet us?

I want a suggestion on what will make our prospects want to meet us, we are an IT company and looking to meet some companies based in Australia, we provide services in mobile and web. Please suggest.


Email the prospects with the dates that you will be in their area. Attach your business profile and request that they meet with you for possible future partnerships.

Request a meeting with a potential client that I met at a conference?

Please can you assist me in formatting an email to sound professional but also not too rigid that it will be boring. I would like to request a meeting time with this company to give them a pitch of what we actually do as a company and how our services will benefit them.

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A business meeting request should be formal. To add interest you can tailor your business profile that you attach to the meeting request for humor or pizza. The wow factor should be with the business profile and the introduction letter requesting the meeting should be short and concise. Any one of the samples on this page and in the VisiHow article would work.

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Write an E-Mail for a Meeting Invitation
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Mail drafting for a cultural committee formation in office?

I have to invite for a cultural committee meeting for my office colleagues

Dear Colleagues,

There will be a Cultural Committee Meeting on May 9th at 4 p.m. in the Conference Room. It is my hope that many of you will attend to learn the significance of respecting cultural differences in a workplace environment.

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At the request of my colleague, I frequently send out Outlook invitations for various meetings?

The person is invited and the subject and location are identified. I include a full signature at the bottom. I am often thinking about what to say just as a note before I sign off with Kindest regards. . . Like, "please let me know if any changes need to be made to this event." I'd like suggestions for others if you've got them.

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