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Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on Face

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How to get rid of oily skin permanently?

I used to have normal skin but about 5 months ago my skin starting to produce extra oil which makes my skin shiny,greasy and leads to acne well acne is not a big deal my only problem is how to have a normal skin

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Based on your statement, your skin was normal five months ago and it only started to get oily these previous months which leads to the formation of pimples and acne on your face. The rationale behind it might be due to hormonal imbalances on your body primarily caused either you are pregnant or you are at your adolescent stage. During pregnancy and adolescent stages, the estrogen/testosterone hormones rapidly increase making your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum and that's the main reason why most teenagers have oily skin on their faces. In regards to your query, your sebaceous glands on your skin will lessen their sebum productions physiologically making your skin to be normal again after you get past the said adolescent or pregnancy stage. If you really want to lessen the sebum production of your sebaceous glands permanently, I suggest for you to visit your local dermatologist and inquire about the surgical procedure about removing the excess sebaceous glands on your face through the use of laser. In regards to your other question on how to have a normal skin, there are various ways for you to maintain a normal skin even if you are experiencing a hormonal acne. A good example is to use a facial scrub like the oatmeal and honey solution. Mix in a small bowl few tablespoonfuls of honey and oatmeal and directly apply the solution in a massaging manner and leave it for about ten to twenty minutes then rinse. The rationale behind it is that the oatmeal and the honey have microdermabrasion, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties which are best in reducing oiliness on the face and the formation of acne making your skin to look normal.

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What drugstore moisturizer is fantastic for oily skin?

I have really oily skin but I use the cetaphil moisturizer but it seems to not be doing me any favors


Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream or Normal/Oily skin that has very high ratings among users all across the internet. this cream does hypo-allergenic and comes with a broadcast SPF 15 sunscreen. It is a very light formula that does not block pores and it absorbs easily into the skin. The cream is also enriched with zinc which helps balance the pH of the skin, reduce oil production and prevent skin breakouts.

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This affordable Boots line of oil control products also includes No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Normal/Oily Skin, No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser Oiler Skin and No7 Soft and Soothing Gentle Toner.

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How to control oily skin?

Maintenance of oily skin, recover from pimples, recover from red patches


The article on this VisiHow page will be able to help you control your oily skin and the articles below can help you with your acne issues:

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Sir before 1 year my skin was very good and normal, but now it is oily with lots of pimples?

Sir before 1 year my skin was very good and normal, but now it is oily with lots of pimples. I am a college student with 22 years old. I have tried: Before 3 months I used face-wash but no result now I use nothing. I think it was caused by: Sir how to avoid pimples

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The answer above has the information you need. Your skin issue is most likely stress and diet induced.

You may follow the natural home remedies: Media:How to Get Rid of Oily skin.

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Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on Face
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How to remove oily skin and acne free skin and be handsome?

How to remove oily skin and acne free skin and be handsome?

The VisiHow article on this page has the information on how to control your oily skin.

How to maintain non-oily skin throughout the day?

My face is red sometimes and combined with the oil its even worse. Its always oily, like I will wipe it and it will replenish asap. Its very annoying!!

You are most likely using a harsh cleanser that has stripped your face so your oil glands are over producing to compensate. You also can suffer from skin allergies or rosacea. Try the steps provided in this VisiHow article and if you are still having issues please seek the advice of a dermatologist.

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My facial skin is extremely oily?

My facial skin is very oily, so after 2-3 hours my face looks so dull, tired.

Exfoliate your face twice a week and apply an oil free moisturizer to retain a natural glow.

What should I apply to my oily skin as to avoid acne and look younger?

My face is prone to pimples and I really feel bad about it. I have never seen it being smooth and attractive due to the acne.

Several VisiHow articles on controlling acne have been posted above. Please refer to them for the information that you need.

Is there a laser solution to permanently remove oil glands on face area?

I am 22 year old Indian male with extremely oily face

The procedure that you are referring to is called Sebaceous Gland ablation. It has a 90% success rate. A tiny laser is used on acne cysts or problematic areas that are prone to blemishes to remove the the sebaceous glands (the oil glands) beneath the surface of the pustule. This permanently damages the oil gland so that it no longer produces oil and the result is less acne or oily sheen on the skin.

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How to stop the redness of pimples?

My face has a pimple mark and I don't know how to cure it.

Aloe Vera applied topically can reduce the redness caused from a pimple. It also will heal the skin faster than if you did nothing.

How can I get rid of pimples ? I can't sleep?

I have many pimples. I don't know how can I get rid of it.

There are several articles posted above. If you can't sleep due to the irritation that the pimples are causing you may need to be prescribed a topical medication to reduce your acne and control the pain.

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How to make skin impressive and pimple free?

I have lots of small pimples and oil on my face

Add cinnamon to your daily cleaning ritual. Tea tree oil will also help to give you better skin if you keep a routine application going.

How to decrease my oily skin any simple home treatment for oily skin?

Any simple home treatment for oily skin my face is always oily

Several home remedies have been posted above for you to read for further information.

How to get pure skin like normal people have?

My skin is too oily and there are too many small pimples on my cheek and when I kill them it is getting more

When you pop a pimple to "Kill" it, you are spreading the bacteria from the pimple to other areas of your face. You may also want to try avoiding gluten for a time to see if that helps clear up your acne issue.

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I am a young teenager and got a really oily skin on my face?

I've recently discovered how oily my face gets, I wash my face two times a day, I also get quite a lot of black heads on my nose and cheeks and also a lot of spots on my forehead, cheeks, and chin, I've been very stressed lately and was wondering if that may be the cause?

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Stress can absolutely cause the changes you are describing. This VisiHow article Make an All Natural Cleanser Similar to Lush 'Dark Angels' Cleanser has a recipe to make a facial scrub using activated charcoal and cinnamon. Both of those ingredients will help to reduce your blackheads. You should also avoid touching your face frequently and make sure that the soap you are using twice a day is not drying out your face which will make oil production go into overdrive.

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Can I completely eradicate pimples naturally with things like honey Aloe Vera, etc.?

I have a lot of pink pimples on my face and I want to remove them naturally. It is different because they keep coming and going. I have tried: Washing after every nap, popping and Aloe Vera and honey treatments. I think it was caused by: I think it is hereditary because my mom has a lot of pimples.

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