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Reset a Samsung galaxy young gt-s5360 using two different methods

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How can I fix my phone if it is stuck up on its logo and it keeps on restarting?

It keeps on showing its Samsung logo and it keeps on restarting infinitely.


Your Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 is stuck in what's known as a boot loop. As its name implies, a boot loop occurs when your phone loops from on and off and never gets past the Samsung logo. Boot loops are often caused by software glitches and, unfortunately, the only way you can try to fix the boot loop right now is to perform a Factory Reset. As you may already know, a Factory Reset will wipe all of your phone's data to bring it back to its original factory settings to hopefully fix the software glitch. To learn how to perform a Factory Reset on your Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360, read through the VisiHow article below, or read through this additional VisiHow article for more information. Once the reset is complete, see if your phone boots up normally. If it does, you're all set to use your phone as it was originally intended to be used. However, if the Factory Reset does not fix your issue, or you are unable to complete the Factory Reset, your phone is suffering from a hardware issue that is preventing it from booting up properly. Factory resets only fix software problems; if it doesn't fix the issue or it can't finish properly, your phone has some malfunctioning hardware. At this point, you will need to contact Samsung's customer support to speak to a customer service representative who can help you schedule a repair or replacement for your Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360. Depending on the severity of the issue and your warranty status, you may or may not have to pay for the repairs or replacement.

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My phone is damaged while installing custom ROM, how can I recover it?

I did not save old recovery also


There are a number of reasons that your OS is damaged on the phone. If you can boot it into Recovery Mode, Wipe the Cache Partition and then go back and Wipe the Dalvik Cache. Once you have completed those two tasks, perform a hard reset and install the correct ROM. It is very important to choose a ROM specific to your device. Samsung need the kernel flashed first before doing anything else with the rest of the ROM process of installation. If your phone has ODIN installed then you can use OneClick Unbrick which is an app that fixes ODIN OS issues. Now if these methods do not work then your device is bricked until you send it off to repair a hardware issue. Keep in mind that what you did with custom ROM voids any warranty you may have had with the phone.

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I used the same procedure as mentioned but the phone is still not working?

The phone restarts again and again


Sometimes, long pressing on the Power stops the boot loop but you have a hardware issue because you have Factory Reset and still have the boot loop issue. You can try to install new ROM but you may want to wait on that if you have a warranty for the phone because custom ROM will void the warranty. It is unfortunate, but your device will most likely need to be sent off to a repair center.

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My phone is charging itself, how can I maintain it?

My Samsung Galaxy Young is charging itself, how can I maintain it

You have a problem with the charging port at the bottom of your phone. Turn the phone off and remove the battery. Then take a needle or end of a paper click and carefully insert it into the charging port. While moving it slightly to the right and left with the pointed object, blow into the port or use a can of compressed air. Straighten the charging port out to the middle while making sure it is not coming in contact with metal. Put the battery back in and connect to the charger then turn the phone on. It should begin charging normally again.

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Reset a Samsung galaxy young gt-s5360 using two different methods

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I rooted my phone and something went wrong?

I have rooted my device, Samsung Galaxy Y GTS5360 and as shown in a guide I put CWM, AGD, CyanogenMod 2 , and NewExperienceKitKatSpecialEdition_v1.0 zip files in SD card and started process to update my phone but after a while when mobile rebooted its Samsung logo halted forever. I can not boot or restore the original firmware any more. What to do with this phone, please help me

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It is bricked. Follow the steps in the answers above to try to unbrick your device. The OneClick Unbrick should work on your phone. Create an account on SamMobile and try to install the one click firmware for your Galaxy Y. The free option works but it is slow. Still the firmware is the original stock firmware. It will revert back for you. Be very careful when installing the Cyanogen Mods on Samsung devices. If you do not put in the kernel first then your device bricks.

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Where should I find and download bootloader, CSC and phone?

In my situation now I only have PDA and PIT. Thank you so much sir

They are in the files that you download with the ODIN link posted. Find your firmware from the list and install by clicking on the firmware specifications for your device. If they are not listed then search ODIN and your device specs to find the ROM you need. Samsung has most of the stock ROM listed on their Support website.

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Hanging problem, how to increase phone memory?

I have reset my phone many times but does not stop hanging. There are very less phone memory

If your device supports an external SD card then you can purchase one and use an app like ES File Manager to assign items to the external SD card. You should also regularly delete photos and videos. Move them to the PC via a cloud share method like Google Photos and then put them on your PC or an external hard drive. Install an app like CCleaner to regularly clear out the cache and unused files. Phones store things like call logs but if you assign all of your regular calls to your Contacts then purge the call logs with CCleaner every two weeks.

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Here are some VisiHow articles about freeing up your phone's memory:

Phone is not accepting Gmail account after reset?

I have reset my phone to factory setting after that I am unable to activate my Gmail account to it.

Go to your Gmail on the PC and in the upper corner choose My Account. Click Security on the next page and go down to the settings for Applications. See if you have 2 step verification enabled and if you do then disable that. Also, make sure that you set up the WiFi because without it or data assigned then Gmail can't "talk" to their servers to sync the phone. If you still can't use your Google Account then install new ROM onto the device.

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How to get my phone to work again?

My phone switches ON, the Samsung Galaxy Young word appears, then just Samsung and there it stays, sometimes the Vodacom logo appears and then it starts all over again, I tried to do a reset, didn't work

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If you did a hard reset, then pull the battery as one last test. Remove the battery and connect the phone to the charger for 10 minutes. Put the battery back in and try to turn it on. If it remains in boot loop then attempt to install new ROM but if that fails, you have a hardware issue and your phone needs to be repaired.

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How do I restore the "phone menu" to the bottom Menu bar?

My GT5360 had 4 built-in menu or shortcuts like phone, message, and the Menu key. Now I see that only three are there in Menu bar the "phone" is lying in the application menu. How could I restore the Phone menu to the bottom menu bar?

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Go to the Phone app and long tap on the Phone icon. It will hover over the screen interface and you can then move it down to the bottom menu bar. Sometimes, we accidentally delete one or more because you can long tap and slide out of the bottom bar also so if you were on the phone talking, this can happen. Make sure to lock the screen if you are on the phone so that the screen goes dark to avoid this.

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My phone is always saying insufficient storage?

When I'm downloading games my phone says insufficient space, what will I do?

Follow the suggestions in the above answer about phone memory problems. There you will see articles from VisiHow as well about storage solutions. What you can do now is move Contacts to the SD card and if you go into Settings to your Application Manager then click on apps to select the storage path to SD card.

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How can I fix my device? It is not starting after I installed an OS?

I installed some kind of OS on my device then after I have installed it, I can't open it.

It is bricked. Follow some of the suggestions about such as if you have a Samsung then you can try the OneClick Unbrick app to see if that will free your phone. There are many things that can go wrong when installing a Custom ROM. Especially if you did not install one specifically for your make and model of a phone. Samsung requires the kernel to be installed first but there are other things like corrupted files in the ROM you installed. See if you can go into Recovery Mode with the buttons to Wipe Cache and then Dalvik Cache. Then Factory Restore and try to turn on your phone.

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What shall I do, my phone's icon keeps on blinking?

When I turn on my phone the Samsung name keeps on blinking, after a minute it will restart then go back from blinking again.

Go into Recovery Mode and keep your fingers crossed that a hard reset will solve your problem or you have a hardware issue that will need to be repaired. Before you hard reset, pull the battery and see if a soft reset will stop the logo from flashing constantly.

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How to turn on the phone if it's not turning on?

I am trying to turn on my phone but it is not turning on, even that I am pressing the right buttons for turning up my phone.. I have tried: To turn on and format It.. I think it was caused by: Virus

You probably have a serious hardware issue. If you connect the phone and it charges then there might be an issue with the motherboard or LCD. If you connect the phone and you know it has 50% or more left of charge but it is not indicating that it is charging on the screen this also could be an issue. If you drained the battery then connect it to a charger and walk away for a few hours. When you check again there should be a battery indication if you can wake the screen. Let it charge to 100% before disconnecting. Check the back battery to make sure you did not damage it somehow.

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Please its stuck in a boot loop, I've tried the reset option, it doesn't work. I can't find out how to find the correct firmware, could you help please. My computer won't recognize my phone?

Please its stuck in a boot loop, I've tried the reset option, it doesn't work. I can't find out how to find the correct firmware, could you help please. My computer won't recognize my phone. I have tried: Rebooting, holding down three buttons, I've cleared the cache. I think it was caused by: No idea

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If you have a Google Account then when you go to Google's Android Device Manager is usually shows your device like SCH-i800 instead of Verizon Galaxy Tab. Your Google Play on the PC would also have it listed in their linked devices for remote install. You can then go to the SamMobile if you have a Samsung and go through the drop down list to find your phone model.

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My LG G Stylo is stuck on the metro screen?

I was rooting it on PC, it turned off twice and now its stuck on the metro screen. I have tried: To let it sit there and turn on but it hasn't. I think it was caused by: The root on the PC

There is a method using a Bootloader TWRP which also allows you to install a good customROM while you are at it. The LG G Stylo Metro PCS phones are notorious for boot loop when you try to root them and XDA Developers developed software which is in the link provided to solve your issue. Make sure you follow the steps 100% because it can be tricky with the LG G Stylo.

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