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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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How to download WhatsApp in Lumia 520?

How to download WhatsApp in Lumia 520?


Windows has taken the application off of their App Store due to errors that have occurred between the app and the Windows OS. This was done recently as people who had the app were no longer able to use it and people wanting to download the app are not able to download the application.

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This has been reported online for WhatsApp users that the app will no longer be available until Windows fixes the bugs that are in the application.


How can I install WhatsApp on my Lumia 520?

Hi, .. I have a Windows phone Lumia 520.. I want to download WhatsApp but in store it did not showing WhatsApp option to download it... what should I do ?


All downloads and use of this application have been stopped at this time being that Microsoft has removed this application from Windows devices. The WhatsApp application for Windows suffered a lot of bugs and Microsoft has taken the app off until the bugs are worked out on the app.

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This came as news 4 days ago when it was stated by many users that the application no longer worked and could not be downloaded. The reason behind this is Microsoft themselves stating that they have removed the application until the bugs are fixed.

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They have not given a specific time in which the bugs will be fixed so users will simply have to wait until the app is fixed and replaced by Microsoft.

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Why won't it let me down WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia 520?

It says app not available this might be because your phone software needs updating or the app is exclusive to a different mobile provider


The reason why you cannot download the application to your device is because the application has been removed from the app store due to errors that Windows is trying to fix before allowing the application to be used on the device.

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The only issue that is occurring is the Windows OS which is why it is the only OS that cannot download and run the application. I will be able to help you in regards to knowing more information about the application.

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My Nokia Lumia 625 refusing to download WhatsApp?

When I go the website it bring the download link but when I click is saying device not supported I need your help please

From the download link of WhatsApp, your Lumia 625 is supported. It says that the application works with Windows Phones 8.1, 8 and 7.5. Your phone is running Windows Phone 8 and can be upgraded.

If you are still having problems with downloading and installing it, try to upgrade your device to WP 8.1. You also have to check the site where you are downloading. You can go directly to the marketplace or to the website of WhatsApp.

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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone
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