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Determine Fake vs. Real Iphone

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Is there a difference in the markings on the shrink wrapped box between a real iPhone 6 and a fake?

I am about to purchase a brand new iPhone 6 and want to know if I can spot a fake by looking at the box


The box has strict right angles and even colors without any blemishes. The IMEI code from the back of the box should match the IMEI of the device itself (tap on "Settings", "General", and "About" to see your IMEI in the device). Check the accessories: the SIM card tool, a charger with any prong, white headphones with a built-in microphone, and all of the documents should be there.

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Please watch our tutorial on spot everything that you should meet in a real iPhone: "How to unbox a new iPhone 6 phone".

Why I didn't screenshot my iPhone 4S?

If I want to screenshot something or else. I search in Google on how to screenshot in iPhone 4S, but I already try it all and it is fake!


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What is jailbroken iPhone?


Explain jailbroken iPhone and how can we check whether an iPhone is jailbroken or not, please explain'

A jailbroken iPhone can have these benefits:

  1. 1
    third-party application installation;
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  2. 2
    access to the file system that allows your, for example, to play emulator games by copying them over to the phone;
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  3. 3
    easier music and photo management without the need for synchronization;
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  4. 4
    phone carrier change if the phone is "locked" (this can be illegal, depending on the country);
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  5. 5
    modifying the user interface.
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Basically, you just remove all of the restrictions imposed by Apple in exchange for lower stability, lower security, virus infections, and spy programs being installed by your jealous partner or coworker.

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It is sometimes very hard to check whether your phone is jailbroken, and advanced methods of entering the file system and examining files is used. For suspicions about your device being jailbroken, search for applications such as Cydia, Icy, Absinthe, and Installer. However, it is possible to hide these applications. Check if some stock applications are missing (Mail, Safari, Game Center, Music, Photos, Camera, and other applications, depending on your iOS version). If they are, then your phone is jailbroken.

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Are there fake iPhones in form of Android?

I bought a brand new iPhone 6s plus in Dubai just last week. Exactly iPhone shape and logo, with IMEI numbers and iPhone specifications. But a technician I asked (back home in Nigeria) to set up the phone for me today just told me it is a fake, a mere Android. He even touched one or two buttons on the phone and brought out Android signs. I will appreciate an explanation for this

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Determine Fake vs. Real Iphone
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If the iPhone is stolen, but it is not activated or it is not signed to iCloud, will the police find it still?

I want to buy an iPhone 6 plus from craigslist and I'm scared because its a lot of money, and my only question is if the phone is stolen, but its new and not activated, will the police still take it away from me or not?

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Hello is there such thing as a fake Samsung Galaxy phone 4?

Answer please, I really need details

Yes, there are fake Galaxy S4 phones, and you can successfully identify fake S4 phones, especially when comparing them to real S4 phones! Please follow the tips and steps in the article that we have linked in the answer.

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