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Use the Memory Card As Default Download Folder on Galaxy Phones

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How to change my download directory from Google play store to SD card?

I have a G five bravo a77 and I want every installation and download to be done to SD card


ROM Toolbox Pro is the easiest way to set the installs to go to your SD card. You will need to root your device or jailbreak it to get this tool. Once you have the app loaded on your phone you can configure the SD by selecting Configure Apps2SD and choosing SD as the primary storage area.

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How do I change the storage on my Samsung Tab 4 from device to memory card?

Samsung Tab 4, please help me on how to change the storage


Please follow the directions in the VisiHow article on this page. You can also use the app suggested above to configure your memory card storage option.

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Use the Memory Card As Default Download Folder on Galaxy Phones

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