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Avoid Sleeping During Class

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How to avoid sleep during my tuition class?

I feel sleepy during my English and science class. Also when I open my book to start studying I feel very very sleepy. I have tried: I have tried to study. I think it was caused by: I really don't know

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Find a sleep routine that works by leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning. If these classes are tough for you to stay focussed in then consider taking a brisk walk right before the class. It is tough to remain focused when you are not interested in a subject or exhausted from lack of sleep. Try some of the tips in the VisiHow article below titled Avoid Sleeping During Class. It may be trial and error but eventually you will discover that one of these tips helps you remain focused and alert. Fight Sleepiness and Motivate Yourself to Study are two VisiHow articles for you to read with further suggestions.

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Avoid the gimmicks like Red Bull or other highly caffeinated beverages. Although these beverages work for a brief time, can cause jitters and irritation, with a heavy crash cycle on your energy levels. Ice cold water can keep you alert for a longer period of time. It works as a shock to the system and your body burns calories to keep you 'warm". This can increase blood flow and circulation.

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How do I not fall asleep and the teacher calls me?

If I'm daydreaming on accident and she calls me. I have tried: I've tried focusing but it never works. I think it was caused by: Maybe not sleeping well especially when I can't sleep


The good news is that you think you can pinpoint what the issue is. You are correct in thinking that not enough sleep is causing your focus issues. We all daydream from time to time but if you can't remain focused during class because you are tired then it is an issue. Make sure that you are recording your classes either with your phone or a mini pocket recorder. Let your teacher know that you are struggling with insomnia but trying your best to resolve your sleep issues and stay focused. If she is aware of your issue she will be more reticent to help you. Here are a few VisiHow articles about getting a good night's sleep:

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One of the biggest suggestions that will help you is to begin a night time sleep routine. Put down your phone and other electronics one hour before bedtime. Read a book or do another activity instead. Many find that meditation before bed helps them get a good night's rest and they feel focused throughout the day. Consider doing some Yoga in the evening to work on meditation and stretching. You will see a pattern of better sleep if you work on your sleep routine every evening for at least 90 days. Something as simple as the scent of lavender or vanilla in your bedroom can aid with better sleep patterns.

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Avoid Sleeping During Class


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