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Start Your Own Mobile Phone Loading Business

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How to activate my SIM to become a reloader?

How to activate my SIM to become a reloader. I have tried: I tried to activate it. I think it was caused by: I don't know how to activate it


You have to go through a Reloader company that has good customer service. Just texting your info and then wiring a monetary amount is not enough. There are numerous companies out there and search specifically to your geographic location. You will need a global SIM card for the best activation results. You also may have purchased from a con retailer if the SIM is not activating properly and you can't contact the retailer.

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I already had globe retailer SIM, but I wanted to be retailer to all smart, talk and text as well. What will I do?

I have no idea where to load and how to be a retailer


The VisiHow article on this page will answer your questions. Starting from the ground up with any business takes some time in researching. Do not start a venture until you have a specific plan with intricate details.

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Do I need a different kind of SIM?

I mean, for loading business, can I use regular SIM?


Depending on the company you decide to work with, many go off of your existing SIM with no need to purchase a new SIM. If you do decide to purchase a new SIM then go with a reputable company. Start by seeing if any carriers in your area carry the SIM before going online and purchasing one.

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How can I become a retailer for any cell phone service provider?

How can I become a retailer for any cell phone service provider, like sell SIM card load balance, sell new phones etc.. I have tried: Nothing yet. I think it was caused by: Couldn't find any contacts

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You have to contact the companies and begin a partnership as a third party retailer. Go to a third party location and investigate how they started up. Many will be happy to tell you how they did it as bragging rights not realizing they are giving away their business plan. Partnering with wholesale distributors will also help you to begin the process. You will need a detailed business plan before you contact any company directly. Do you homework and begin the process. If you can secure wholesale good then show the carriers your plans on handling sale volume.

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