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End the Silent Treatment In your Marriage

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How do I end silent treatment and a sulking Husband?

Hi! Always and I mean always when we have a quarrel with my Husband, it ends with silent treatment obviously from him. He will be quite and not speak to me for days even a week will pass, without a saying word, he is used to me putting my guns and apologizing, then he will then start to talk in his terms.

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I am tired of always putting my guns the silent treatment has been happening since we were married in 2010. I tried to tell him that please lets not go to bed angry, lets talk about our problems and lets not hold grudges to each.

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I can admit that I always/normally mention his past mistakes like his cheating. And it will spark the fire even worse and he would give me his usual remedy "silent treatment".

I have decided to give in, and just be quite too, and I know its wrong but it has been happening for long.

What should I do? Please help

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How can I end a manipulative silent treatment from my husband?

My husband is using the silent tactic purposely to manipulate me, to avoid responsibilities and to get me to end up doing what he is supposed to be doing as a husband. Also he does that so that I don't get to understand what is in his mind, he is sort of concealing his thoughts from me even on important issues, he fails to contribute any ideas. How can I make him stop, it is killing my emotions.. I have tried: Tried starting conversations, but he would just listen and not say anything. tried asking him questions that would make him speak, but he would turn around the questions to me, and even when I insist he should answer first, he won't.. I think it was caused by: He fears opening up to me, because I think he is not faithful, he spends lots of time online and he ignores me, when I want us to talk/listen to me, he refuses to give all his attention, instead he would be busy with his phone as I express myself to him. He uses that if he doesn't want to act on my demands, I end up fulfilling them myself, even on finance issues, so he continues knowing that I end up doing his responsibilities.

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My husband gives me the silent treatment for weeks?

If I do not agree with him, he tells me the marriage is over. This has been happening for nearly 6 years. This started 10 weeks after we got married. This particular episode started in early Jan. He bugged the kitchen and heard me telling my friend how I feel. Now he is really upset about it and won't talk. I sent him a link on the silent treatment and it explained that it is emotional abuse, so the next day he did talk but is not really talking. I have told him I going public with the way he treats me and he has got a bit better but is still very angry. What really does not help is he is passive aggressive. We did go counseling and that is what she told us, but he denies she said that. So I have agreed that I don't want to be married to him and he must look into it seeing as it was his idea. I have noticed that he has not mentioned it anymore. I do see my friends when I like and go out when I like. I have told him I am planning a holiday in May without him. Our anniversary is in May.. I have tried: I have sent him info on helping himself. He has low self-esteem. Info on how damaging anger Is.. I think it was caused by: His childhood, parents divorced. He had personal trauma.

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End the Silent Treatment In your Marriage


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