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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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How often should I drink hot water to restore my voice?


If you have strained vocal cords due to vocal abuse by singing loudly using your great force, then you should drink warm water frequently until your condition subsides. Hot water is not recommended, because it may worsen your strained vocal cords. It should be warm water. Warm water does not have to be plain water. You can also drink warm herbal tea with honey, and drink it daily until your condition subsides. Also, when you are recovering, you should rest – meaning no talking or whispering. If you have to speak, you should do it through writing in a piece of paper or texting. Stop singing for a week or two and just drink warm water to recover quickly. And when you think you are recovering, you should not sing directly. Wait for a week or so to fully restore your voice. If your condition is getting worse after weeks of vocal rest, then you should go see a doctor for throat checkups. You may have vocal cord nodules or polyps due to vocal abuse.

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Will drinking plain hot water help get my voice back?


Hot water is very soothing to the throat and vocal cords and helps to relax your vocal cord muscles, but not if it's too hot. Cold water may cause extreme muscle tension, which may lead to more difficulty in producing sound. Drinking hot water will prevent the situation from getting worse, although it may not be enough as a solution to getting your voice back. First and foremost, it is important that you have your voice loss diagnosed properly. While one of the most common causes is plain and simple fatigue, there are also more serious conditions that can lead to that, such as vocal cord nodules and even tumors. Also, it is important to remember that you must drink warm water, not scalding hot. You need to test whether a certain beverage is tolerable in terms of heat prior to drinking it.

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The answer is no. Hot water is different from warm water. Drinking plain hot water will only worsen your voice condition because of its vasodilator effect. One of the factors why you loss your voice is because of the dilated vocal cords caused by irritation or physical trauma which makes speaking more difficult or even leads to loss of voice. If you drink plain hot water, you are only making your voice condition worse by dilating the vocal cords even further and it also irritates the tissues on your throat. To properly manage the loss of voice, drink warm water instead and mixed with honey for a more soothing effect or gargle with warm water with salt twice a day helping you to properly recover your loss of voice more efficiently.

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Is there any prescription medicine that will help a strained voice heal faster?


You can buy those over-the-counter lozenges such as Strepsils and Fisherman's Friend. These lozenges usually have a mint component which is soothing to the throat. If a strained voice is caused by severe inflammation of the larynx, antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor, but this is usually not bought over-the-counter as it requires a written prescription.

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No there really is not much in that department. For the most part you can look into things like cough drops or some kind of throat spray. The best thing you can do is drink water and rest. Try to take it easy on your vocal cords and give them time to heal themselves.

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Does gargling with Coca-Cola cure voice problems?

No, gargling with Coca-Cola does not cure voice problems. As a matter of fact, it can cause much pain and damage in your throat. This is due to the fact that Coca-Cola has caffeine and sugar, which are major causes of strained vocal cords. The high fructose corn syrup found in Coca-Cola is one of the main ingredients that you should avoid in order not to make existing voice problems become worse. The syrup can feed the bacteria in the mouth, which definitely does not help for voice problems. According to some voice care professionals, one should avoid drinking sugary and caffeinated drinks altogether to keep the voice and vocal cords healthy. Remember that bacteria love sweets and sugary drinks and foods, so do not feed them with these.

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Yes it can help you cure your throat problem such as tonsils. Dark Soda are required or can be used as a home remedy for curing tonsil problems.

Regrettably, gargling with Coca-Cola does not help to cure voice problems, instead, it only makes it worse. Below are some of the negative effects of gargling carbonated beverages:

1. Carbonated drinks contains caffeine (diuretic effect) which dehydrates the body making the mucous lining of the vocal cord to dries up making your voice problem even worse.

2. Carbonated drinks contains sugar which is a good source of food for bacteria.Bacterial infection to the vocal cord is also one of the predisposing factor in most voice problems. By gargling a carbonated drink, you are only promoting the growth of bacteria on your vocal cord which makes your voice to worsen.

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3. Carbonated drinks contains carbon dioxide which causes irritation especially on your vocal cord.

In general, gargling with Coca-Cola or any carbonated based drinks will only make voice problems to worsen.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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Will 1 pack of cigarettes ruin my voice?

Unfortunately, yes, a pack of cigarettes can ruin your voice. As a matter of fact, a pack of cigarettes is considered too much for doctors. Smoking even as little as 1 to 5 cigarettes can greatly change your health. You will experience frequent coughing, shortness of breath, and some changes in your overall well-being, including your voice. The smoke could build up mucus in the throat. It might irritate it and affects your voice negatively. Even if you see yourself as a light smoker, you could also be prone to any health problems. Remember that no cigarette can be smoked without a risk.

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Actually, cigarettes are not allowed for some singers, cause it can cause your lungs some problems while singing. And the answer would be yes, a pack of cigarettes could, or will ruin your voice.

It may temporarily mess with your throat and voice, but its unlikely to be permanent. If you smoke for any extended period of time, the damage is going to increase and the chances of it becoming permanent increase as well.

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What should you eat to make your rough voice smooth and which steps are taken?

One of the known ways to treat a rough voice is ginger tea. If you are not sure on how to prepare the natural ginger tea, there are ginger tea powders available in supermarkets. Tea with lemon can also be an effective remedy. While there aren't known foods to treat a rough voice, there are several you need to get rid of, like spicy foods, for they will only worsen your condition.

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Oatmeal is a good food that you can eat which has a soft substance as well as sticky which will help you to get rid of obstructions in the throat. The oatmeal will also clear out mucus in the throat as well helping you to have a better singing voice.

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How are onions harmful if you are trying to keep a sweet voice?

Onion is one of the foods to be avoided so you can keep a good and sweet voice. This edible bulb can cause heartburn, which then triggers gastric acid to the esophagus. This could cause the vocal cords to become inflamed, which will then do some damage to the voice. If you can't resist onions, eliminate them at least before a performance.

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What effect does cold or icy fluids have to my voice?

What effect does cold or icy fluids have to my voice?

Cold and Icy fluids cause the blood to become cold and thick which prevents easy blood flow. This thickening of blood causes problems to the heart and the lungs as well eventually affecting the throat and your voice. Hence, if you wish to protect your voice, prevent cold or icy fluids.

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Cold or icy fluids can cause your throat to get cold, which in turn causes the muscles and vocal chords to contract. When they are contracted in this manner you will not have the full range when speaking or singing. Also when contracted if you attempt to reach your full range you could cause temporary or permanent damage.

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Does eating ice help your voice?

No, eating ice doesn't help your voice. On the contrary, it causes extensive damage to your vocal cords.

It's a big NO. Ice will totally messed up with your voice, and it will make you loose your voice instead of helping it. You must avoid eating ice instead.

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How long does it take to repair your voice after screaming?

Give your throat rest for a day or 2 and your voice should be back to normal.

This is something that cannot be calculated perfectly but understand that the longer you take screaming the process of repair will take longer. Do your best to no longer stress your voice anymore after screaming so that your vocal chords will have no problem repairing itself in this process.

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Another tip is that during the process of repair you should in fact drink lemon/honey tea which will also help soothe the process of repair.

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Get rid of hoarse voice fast before a recording session?

Drink honey in warm water. If it is an emergency, drink bourbon + coke. However, avoid the latter as much as you can. It is a one time remedy and not a long term remedy. Continuous consumption can cause damage.

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It is not definite but you can in fact drink a warm cup of tea with honey in order to clear your throat up in a hurry. Depending on how long you have until your recording session your voice can be back to normal but understand that this is not a definite quick fix in a manner of minutes.

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I have an audition in four days time and I feel my voice is not coming out well as before and the phlegm just won't go away. what can I do?

Vocal chords and phlegm and how can I stop it

In regards to the phlegm in your throat you will have a number of ways to help yourself to overcome this sickness. From here you will need to continue to drink warm fluids which will help you to break up the phlegm in your throat. Also you will need to cough up the phlegm as much as you can in order to get it out of your throat.

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All you have to do is drink a lot of warm water and just keep on drinking to clear your throat since water can help in getting away phlegm. You must also take good care of yourself by having enough rest and you should take good care of your voice by not talking too loud, yelling and shouting. Avoid those dairy products like milk and cheese because it can worsen those phlegm or add phlegm, also avoid taking sweet foods and cold drinks. And lastly, drink lemon tea with honey to soothe your throat.

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Do nuts worsen your voice?

Yes, because of its gritty texture the nut bits will get stuck in your throat causing your vocal chords to not be fully open for smooth singing. It is recommended that you stay away from these types of textured foods so that you will continue to have an open vocal chord pipes to sing with perfectly.

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Yes, nuts worsen your voice. If you keep on eating nuts, you can get sick (cough) and you keep on coughing and coughing. It is OK that you eat nuts, but just a little, so not too much. After you eat a little nuts, drink a lot of water to cleanse your throat and through drinking water, it will get or wash away the little bits of the nuts in your throat.

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I raise my voice a lot and now it is very raspy is there any way to fix it?

To fix or get back to your normal voice, you have to take a rest, so stop talking very loud, just talk few words, don't keep on talking and don't shout. You can also fix or getting your voice to normal by drinking a lot of warm water, water or warm water is the simplest drink of all so you may take or keep with you a bottle of water and drink water. Herbal tea and lemon tea can also help, so take herbal tea or lemon tea in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. And while you do those things, avoid also eating sweets and cold drinks.

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Does icing sugar open my voice chord?

No, it does not help at all. Sugar can make your throat itch when you do not drink water after eating it. The best way to open your vocal chords is by vocalization. Have yourself coached by a vocal coach so that they can teach you the basics on how to make your voice better.

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What home remedies should I take to improve the tone and quality of my singing voice?

I know that I can sing better than I do now. My voice is always a bit hoarse.

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How do I connect to the music fans I want effectively?

Hello, I have written 600 original songs and I'm having a hard time properly getting myself the type of exposure I want and not just young people trying to copy me (I'm 27.) What can you see as a possible effective solution to this problem so that I can complete my path as an independent artist? Many people say just stay the course, but I know there's more to it than that. Thank you for your time.

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This is cool. Are you really going to answer my question personally?

? That would be great! My question is, I work at a logistics company and often I have to work with material and boxes that are extremely dusty, and honestly, I love blowing the dust off of the boxes and when I do that I inhale the dust, I can't help not doing that. I just really like it . But I'm afraid it has came back to haunt me because I also love to sing and I am actually pretty good but now I can't seem to hit any high or less notes without my voice sounding horrible and hoarse. What can I do to fix that and is blowing the dust really that bad?

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Is sucking on lemons advisable before a performance?

Some people advised me to suck lemons cause it will improve my singing, is it true and advisable or could I be damaging my vocal cords

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Car air-conditioning & inertness?

Hello, I was wondering how the car air-conditioning affects the vocal chords. I spend a lot of time in the car due to the nature of my job, so in a hot day it can be on non-stop for more than 8 hrs. Also, during the last 3 years I haven't really used my voice (for the right reasons, and the sense I've got of my throat is dryness. Do you have any tips for me on this lifestyle to avoid damaging my voice any further and even try to get my full potential back?. I have tried: I've gradually but steadily changed my diet, moved towards a vegan approach of nutrition.. I think it was caused by: The fact that I haven't used it for a long time.

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