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Successfully complete Boot Camp training (Marine Corps East Coast)

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How often can Marines have their phones in basic combat training?


Cell phones actually are not allowed during training. Because of the limited training period, distractions are not allowed and phones can be distracting. The only time cellphones can be used is during the liberty hours, and that falls during the third and the fourth Sundays of the training period.

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During basic training a Marine cannot have their own personal phone at all. In certain situations a Marine may have the opportunity to use the phone on base but this will only be one time before they graduate from boot camp training.

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How often can a Marine use their cellphone after SOI?

Someone I know graduated from SOI (I think that's what it's called) this past Tuesday I believe. I heard from him that Monday before, but I have not heard from him since. His family is kind of worried and I'm wondering what is going on. I know he should be going to California for whatever it's called (not sure at all), but I figured he would be able to use his phone then. I'm curious. When will he be able to use it freely or a bit more often? By the way, he graduated from SC in December. Thanks!!

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Successfully complete Boot Camp training (Marine Corps East Coast)

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