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Make Glowing Water

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How does water glow when mixed by highlighter pen?

When we mix highlighter pen in water, it glows. Why?. I have tried: This is our investigatory project in Wed.. I think it was caused by: I think some highlighter pens are..... phosphorescent?


Yes, highlighters especially the yellow, contain Phosphors which make the water glow under a blacklight.

Will the glow in the dark stuff in the glow stick run out?

My worry in using the glow sticks is the glow might run out over time, do you got any ways on how to stop this if it is true. I have tried: I was going to use tonic water but I don't want the black light I just want an internal glow. I think it was caused by: It has not happen yet but it is a worry

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You will need a black light to make the tonic water glow. You can add a bright highlighter which will give it a neon appearance however it will still only truly glow under a black light.

What are things that I would write in an abstract paragraph about glow in the dark liquid?

Well, I am doing this for a science fair project. So, I can't really reveal many of the details about this in the abstract paragraph. Can you help me with this?


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For the using a highlighter or glow stick option, will other stain tile floors?

I need to show how far water can splatter or be carried if a person steps in it, but don't want to damage the floors of course. Is Tonic water my only solution or would others work?

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Make Glowing Water

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