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Increase uTorrent download speed

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Please assist. Very slow download and does not upload at times?

The torrent download speed is very slow. most of the time about 0.2 kb/s and then suddenly a host appears (in peers tab) that is 100% complete and starts downloading about 200kb/s. Then suddenly another peer appears which has 30% completed and the 100% completed host would slow down and eventually disappear. The 30% peer does not seed except occasional leech from me. The 30% peer becomes 40% and my download is still the same.. As I do switch off my router, sometimes this happens after I stopped the download when the speed is good at 100kb/s and when I restart the download tomorrow, the situation of slow down happens.. Please advise. The download speed is slow and after a few days of downloading then the speed picks up. Sometimes I do stop the download when the speed is good so that I can switch off my router. Need to sleep. Then the slow download happens again even though the same seeders are on my list. I have tried: Update the tracker's list. Increase the priority of download from normal to high. Not sure what number should I set the download speed. Use hash value in Google to look for more trackers. I think it was caused by: Good question. I don't know otherwise I would not have trouble you.

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Increase uTorrent download speed

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